As usual, Lisa Eldridge inspiration – #beautyhack, or just another multitasker

She was one of the first youtube makeup artists I ever followed consistently. Everything about her is refined, professional, gorgeous. I’ve done her Cheryl Cole smokey eye more times than I can count, and she constantly makes me lust extremely expensive makeup brushes.

As I’m constantly trying to reconcile my product junkie tendencies with my striving towards minimalism and enjoyable utility, Lisa’s recent video made me all warm inside – 3 products, no brushes, and a fresh, minimal face of makeup.

This morning when I was doing half my makeup (basically everything except eyes, which I’ll do tonight before I go out), I thought – I’ve really been enjoying wearing an RMS lip shine on my cheeks, why not try one of my Ilia tinted lip conditioners?



Not only was it super easy to apply (I enjoyed not having to use my fingers – just blended out with a stippling brush), it gave that beautiful sheeny color deposit that the lip shine does. I’ve always achieved this look using a drier cream blush (like the RMS lip2cheek) with Waxlene, or another lip balm over top.

This might not be for everyone, but I LOVE the dewey look. I’m perpetually dry, so anything that makes my skin glow is a must. I used Blossom Lady this morning, the pink shade, but I’ll try it with bang bang too.