A Mini Pamper Sesh

With my skin looking a bit lackluster and a little extra time on my hands (ok who are we kidding – there are only so many jobs one can apply to in a day…), I decided to do a little self-pampering. This is a quick, pared down version – just a face mask and hair oiling, which I left in for about an hour before taking a shower. So the process went like this.

1. Apply oil (any kind – coconut, almond, sunflower – I happened to have a Thai Lemongrass scented sample from a past Goodebox) from roots to tips, and leave on any where from half an hour to overnight.


2. I was only wearing a CC cream on my face, so instead of washing I lightly exfoliated with a Dr. Sponge konjac sponge, then applied a hot washcloth to my face for 30 seconds to steam and open up pores. Then, I mixed together the last bits of a sample I had of May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver (I got 3 masks out of this sample!) with some raw wildflower honey (ideal would have been manuka honey). I’ve also just mixed this with water, and it actually spreads better and I think activates better with water than with honey…


3. I watched an episode of Breaking Bad with an oily bun on top of my head, and a mud mask on my face:



After a thorough shower, and my regular nighttime skincare routine, I woke up with a lovely, bright complexion. The mask is pretty amazing…might have to pony up for the full size once I finish up my Clean Dirt…


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