New Adventures in Non-Toxic Hair Care: Wonder Seed

I have this one close girlfriend – more like a soul sister really – who I knew from college but we actually became close (through an extremely RANDOM encounter on makeupalley back in the day, actually) after college, over the past 8 years or so. Anyway. We share a PROFOUND love for makeup/skincare/beauty/etc. and have spent years discussing our favorites finds and new HG products. She’s recently been getting more into non-toxic beauty, and told me I must try out Wonder Seed’s shampoo and conditioner. Ordered both via Amazon (affordable, each were around $13 or $14) and it’s now sitting in my shower to try. This post isn’t a review, but expect one soon.

In other news – an August favorites video is coming soon! Lots of good stuff to share…and so many things I’m lusting. Constantly. It never ends.