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Part of the reason I decided to start my blog and YouTube channel is because friends frequently ask for my advice and product recommendations relating to natural/non-toxic beauty and lifestyle.  I’d send them detailed emails with links and suggestions, and really enjoy doing it. So, I had dinner with a good girlfriend this past Tuesday and she wanted some foundation advice. I thought I’d share my follow-up email to her here, since it’s illustrative of the way I enjoy helping others discover new brands, and green their beauty and self-routines – which I think is awesome and powerful! Connecting women through shared beauty rituals – I think that’s what the argan oil brand Kahina espouses as their guiding ethos, and it resonates.

So as we know, I am not much of a foundation wearer, though I am always searching for non-heavy/cakey ways to perfect my skin and appear effortlessly flawless, so I’m CONSTANTLY researching and trying to learn about new base products. Here are the suggestions I gave my friend (she specifically asked for powder foundation recommendations) – verbatim from my email, but the email was sans photos:

A pressed one (talc free) –
100 percent pure
I’ve also heard good things about one by Honeybee Gardens, but I’m not a huge fan of the eye and lip pencils I’ve tried from them so hesitate to recommend the brand.
Three loose ones I’ve heard all raves about –
And not sure if you have any interest in liquid foundations but I’m dyyyying to try this – saw a huge rave over on No More Dirty Looks about it:

  One thought on “Foundation Advice

  1. October 24, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    Happy hunting! :-) I tried over 40 organic foundation by now. I prefer liquid over powder since I have dry skin. The problem is that even when you find some really good ones, you still keep looking. ;-)
    I am not sure how easy it is for you to get the one I use since I mostly use european brands.
    When it comes to pressed foundation I like Neve cosmetics n Italian brand. The lasting power isn´t great on it´s own but i use it to get more coverage if I have a tinted moisturiser underneath. That seem to make it staying power better too.
    Best tinted moisturiser with spf, Ilia Beauty. that is an american one.
    best foundation Phyts. french brand.
    Have you found LoveLula and Naturismo? They ship worldwide and you can get samples with every order. the samples varies. Naturismo often have samples of Vapour, an american brand that is popular. i think it is alright. Little bit to sticky and shiny for me, but doesn’t settle in to pores an lines.
    I don´t have an account on youtube but i ill check out your videos. Maybe i found you on Instagram aswell?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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