Foundation Advice

Part of the reason I decided to start my blog and YouTube channel is because friends frequently ask for my advice and product recommendations relating to natural/non-toxic beauty and lifestyle.  I’d send them detailed emails with links and suggestions, and really enjoy doing it. So, I had dinner with a good girlfriend this past Tuesday and she wanted some foundation advice. I thought I’d share my follow-up email to her here, since it’s illustrative of the way I enjoy helping others discover new brands, and green their beauty and self-routines – which I think is awesome and powerful! Connecting women through shared beauty rituals – I think that’s what the argan oil brand Kahina espouses as their guiding ethos, and it resonates.

So as we know, I am not much of a foundation wearer, though I am always searching for non-heavy/cakey ways to perfect my skin and appear effortlessly flawless, so I’m CONSTANTLY researching and trying to learn about new base products. Here are the suggestions I gave my friend (she specifically asked for powder foundation recommendations) – verbatim from my email, but the email was sans photos:

A pressed one (talc free) –
100 percent pure
I’ve also heard good things about one by Honeybee Gardens, but I’m not a huge fan of the eye and lip pencils I’ve tried from them so hesitate to recommend the brand.
Three loose ones I’ve heard all raves about –
And not sure if you have any interest in liquid foundations but I’m dyyyying to try this – saw a huge rave over on No More Dirty Looks about it: