Meeting Katharine L’Heureux (of Kahina Giving Beauty) Tonight!

november 24, 2015 | by: mercedes | filed under: skincare


[screen shot taken from Follain’s website, full article and interview with Katharine can be viewed here:]

Kahina was one of the very first green beauty brands I ever tried, probably four or five years ago now – so it maintains a special place in my heart. I’ve always loved the simplicity, quality, and purity of the line, and feel they work for so many people/different skin types. Over the years I have purchased and tried:

+Kahina Argan Oil

+Kahina Toning Mist

+Kahina Eye Cream

+Kahina Travel Basics

In addition, I’ve sampled:

+Kahina Brightening Serum

+Kahina Antioxidant Mask

+Kahina Fez Body Serum

And now, thanks to Beauty Heroes I have the Kahina Eye Serum and Facial Lotion in my regular rotation, and have been really happy with them.

Curious about Katharine’s own skincare routine? I was fascinated to read this [also taken from the Follain blog post:]

What is your personal daily beauty routine?

I created the Kahina line for myself and my own skincare needs so I use every single product. For the cold New York winter coming up, I will especially need to layer on the products. My daily facial routine at the moment is as follows morning and evening:

1. Cleanse with Kahina Facial Cleanser
2. Spray a few pumps of Toning Mist
3. Apply a couple pumps of the Brightening Serum
4. Massage oil into skin – Argan Oil in the morning and Serum at night
5. Follow with an emulsion – Facial Lotion in the morning and Night Cream at night
6. For my eyes, I’ve been using the Eye Cream lately since my skin is drier with the change in seasons. If I’m not feeling lazy, I’ll layer it over the Eye Serum, which is my morning go-to product, especially for when I wake up with puffiness and dark circles.”

I’m SO excited Follain has put this Meet the Maker event together, and it’s been a minute since I’ve been over there ( My other green beauty youtuber/blogger friends Andie (The Green Queen) and Ru (Short Small Sweet) are going as well, so product sample swapping between the three of us shall inevitably ensue.

Happy Tuesday!