Thanksgiving Lip Combo (Among Many Other Things, I’m Thankful for Bite Beauty!)

november 26, 2015 | by: mercedes | filed under: makeup


Yes, I stopped off at trusty Starbucks this morning for a short whole milk latte and will probably forever love admiring lipstick prints on cup edges. It’s one of those things that when I was young I always thought was so insanely adult/chic/glamorous/what I wanted to be (along with wearing heels that clicked down hallways).

Today’s Thanksgiving Day lip combo is the super pinky neutral Bite Beauty Matte Crayon in Cafe (bottom lip product) topped with Bite Beauty lipstick in Lychee (top lip product, the other end of this duo is Musk which is ALMOST GONE). I’m getting more comfortable wearing straight pinks, though I still think I prefer my nudes with more brown to them (like Musk).

[Nails are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark – my bottle is on its last legs, and I’ve probably had it for…8 years?!]

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day with family and friends! xoxo.