Bonne Année!

january 1, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: ethos reflections

I wanted to usher 2016 in thoughtfully with just a short expression of both gratefulness (for the past) and excitement (for the future). It seems like every year people proclaim that the coming year will be “the best year ever,” and many seem to want to forget the year that has passed along with all its challenges.

I KNOW this is so cheesy and a spiritual new-age hippie mantra but really: where would we BE without the challenges? And what year ISN’T going to have challenges? It’s not even a question, it’s a guarantee that each and every year of one’s life will come with particular hardships and challenges. From my current perspective, I try and view the challenges as opportunities for surrender, increased personal growth, expanded consciousness and awareness, and cultivating grace, integrity, and authenticity.

Thank you to everyone who supported L’amour et la Musique this past year, in any capacity – I’m so happy to share my passions with likeminded people, and for the opportunity to follow my bliss.

Happy New Year!


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