Beauty Heroes: A Subscription Box Worth Considering

january 6, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: skincare, videos


I haven’t posted about Beauty Heroes yet on here, but given it was Youtube upload today I thought it fitting to mention on here, and direct any of you who stumble on this post to the playlist of Youtube video reviews I’ve done on boxes since September 2015.

It all started when my friend Jaime (who I met through my channel!) started telling me about this new subscription box she was into. We had both bemoaned the downward spiral of Petit Vour, and she happened to mention my name and YouTube channel to Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot. Jeannie liked my Youtube presence enough to send me a free box to try out and review. One month turned into three…which turned into me becoming and “influencer” for the brand…until last month Jeannie offered me the Beauty Heroes “brand ambassador” title. Which, let’s be honest, was THRILLING for me. On so many levels. But primarily because I have never had such a positive working relationship with an eco-brand or company as I’ve had with Jeannie. I’ve said this repeatedly and I’ll say it here – Jeannie is the most engaged, thoughtful, dedicated business owner I’ve yet to interact with. Her dedication is evident in both the thoughtfully curated contents of each month’s box, as well through her social media presence and communication. She responds quickly, kindly, and HELPFULLY to every query I’ve personally ever sent her, and I’ve heard the same from other customers who email her with product concerns.

If you’re curious to watch me talk more at length about the Beauty Heroes subscription box experience and review each month’s products in depth, you can view the full playlist of videos here. The January Box featured a brand I’ve loved for years, Osmia Organics. I’m a NUT for their protein exfoliating mask and honey myrrh lip repair. And I’ve been really in love with this month’s picks, the Black Clay Facial Soap Bar, and the Simple Face Cream. Hear more below, or directly on YouTube:

If you’re interested in subscribing to Beauty Heroes, you can visit them here to learn more. Or to specifically subscribe to the January Box, you can do so here.