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december 10, 2015 | by: mercedes | filed under: bookshelf, musique du jour, spirituality

A peek of what’s been in my earbuds, on my nightstand, cued up on youtube, and one guilty pleasure Bravo On Demand find:

1. Bedouin’s Robot Heart Friday Sunrise Set from Burning Man 2015

I posted about this set on Instagram but I’ve listened to it at least 4 or 5 times in entirety so far. It taps into something so primal, so esoteric, so beautiful. I can’t even TELL YOU how excited I am to see Bedouin’s set at the Sx Festival in St. Martin in March. #itshappening


2. Serial Season 2 Podcast

I loved Season 1 so much, and I know everyone was eagerly awaiting Season 2. I will say it’s not AS gripping and Season 1 was for me, but it’s still so well-produced.


3. Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

I’m about two thirds through this, and it’s a really quick and powerful read. As a sociologist I’m destined to be inherently drawn to questions and discussions around race, class, culture, social inclusion and exclusion, power, and the different lived experiences of reality people face.


4. Yogini Tarot 

I’ve been watching Yogini Tarot’s YouTube channel for probably 6 months now, if not longer. And the most recent set of readings she did (for each of the 12 astrological signs) were REALLY powerful for me (must have been all the New Year energy swirling) and prompted me to book my first personal reading with her. The reading was great, exactly what I needed, and I’ll continue to book personal readings with Ann Marie every few months.


5. Workout New York

Ok, you didn’t think I’d get through a list without mentioning SOMETHING on Bravo, did you? I recently binge watched all the episodes Bravo has up of Work Out New York. As a little gym rat myself, this was SO entertaining. These people all have massive ish, too.