Contemplating a Silk Naturals Order: Limoncello Highlighter, Medium Ash Brow Cream, Velvet Matte Lipsticks?

january 26, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: makeup

Yesterday Andie, Ru and I had dinner in Chinatown after work. These girls have become such great friends, and as anyone who blogs or makes youtube videos can attest – it’s AMAZING to get together and talk shop with people of your milieu. Every time we get together it’s guaranteed we will:

1. Gossip (oh yeah…#takenoprisoners)

2. Eat at some kind of vegan establishment (Andie’s doing, NOT mine)

3. Swap products

4. Swatch products

Andie brought a bunch of Silk Naturals products for me to look at in person. I’ve admittedly been a snob and always thought the brand seemed way to cheap, but certain products garner tons of love from eco-beauty enthusiasts. Andie is devoted to their Limoncello highlighter, and I must admit – it’s REALLY pretty in person:


I expressed needing a new brow product in a recent video, and quite a few people recommended the Silk Naturals brow cream. It comes in a wide range of shades – Andie brought Medium Ash for me to try, and I’m pretty tempted to at least sample it:


And then finally, I went to town swatching 4 of the Velvet Matte lipstick formulas that Andie owns. The photo below includes one non-Silk Naturals shade – the very top swatch is Axiology Theory (can you tell Andie has a massive thing for brown lipstick), and then in descending order from the Silk Naturals Velvet Matte formula it’s Underground, Bustier, 90s, and Marsala:swatches

The shade 90s holds the most immediate appeal (second to the bottom), so I may try it? Honestly I’m still torn. I haven’t been impressed by other small indie green brands (like The All Natural Face), so even though Silk Naturals is really inexpensive, I’m not keen on the products not performing well and me wasting money, however little. DILEMMAS.