Mahalo’s You Are Loved Valentine’s Day Set REVIEW | The Petal + The Bean + Attar Onaona Perfume

february 10, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: skincare


I’m now convinced I was somehow guided to discover Mahalo at A Night For Green Beauty back in August (of 2015). It was the only purchase I made that night, and the only thing I felt really DRAWN to. After a bit of an initial adjustment period to the products (they’re QUITE potent and their scent reflects this) I have come to have the deepest love, adoration, and appreciation for this line. There’s something special both about the ingredients the founder Maryna sources, as well as the love and energy she’s putting into her products. I can’t envision my life without the Vitality Elixir (I used to think this smelled like a sour barn and now I crave putting it on my face at night), and the original Mahalo Balm is the most perfect companion.

But I’m not here to give yet ANOTHER rave to those two – I want to share my experience with their latest release, the You Are Loved set. It features two masks – The Petal and The Bean – and a stunning perfume called the Attar Onaona. This set REALLY exceeded any expectations I didn’t have (I really didn’t have any, receiving this box courtesy of Mahalo was a big happy surprise) and I felt compelled to share everything in a video:

You can use my code “lamouretlamusique” to request generous samples of other products in Mahalo’s range. May I recommend –

The Vitality Elixir
The Mahalo Balm (Original) 

Happy early Valentine’s Day ❤