My Two Recent Videos/I’m A Naughty Blogger

april 6, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: videos, skincare, ethos reflections

Someday, hopefully in the not so distant future, I will upload regular, unique blog content. However until that day comes – here are my two recent YouTube videos! I am, in fact, quite pleased that I’ve managed to swing getting two videos a week up recently (it’s a challenge…and once I move, I’m hoping that will ease some of the frustrations and challenges I’ve been facing for oh I don’t know, YEARS? #OkUniverseIGetIt).

This past Sunday’s video was my review of the April Beauty Heroes box:

“You had me at luxury, Beauty Heroes. April’s box is absolutely beautiful, and so appropriate for our transition into spring. I hope you enjoy hearing my (extra wordy) thoughts today. I’d love to hear your impression of the product if you’ve had the chance to try it, and/or any general feedback you have on the boxes. Happy Sunday! xoxo, mercedes and benoit the bunny.”

To subscribe to Beauty Heroes to receive the March Hero product and sidekick from True Nature Botanicals:

To give a Beauty Heroes Gift Subscription:

To learn more about Beauty Heroes as an eco-beauty subscription box service, here is a playlist of all my past Beauty Heroes reviews –

And today’s video is a (mostly) Eco Beauty Product Spring Clean, and some musings on minimalism:

“One of my favorite things to do is continually engage in a recursive process of editing my life. Ruthlessly detoxifying things out so that I can make space for what I DO desire. This impulse has become even stronger since I began working with a medical intuitive, which has had the effect of clarifying many facets of my life. I recently did a comprehensive sweep of my beauty stash and thought I’d show you guys what will be leaving chez l’amour – so in a way, this is kind of a disappointing products video too. Thumbs up for aspiring minimalism, and a l’amour makeup collection at 10k subscribers? xoxo, mercedes.”