NOURISH Inspiration Of Late

may 11, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: Nourish

I needed a week off (maybe more…) from doing two videos a week. Other competing priorities, and I’m always after the ever-elusive LIFE BALANCE. But in lieu of that today, I wanted to throw up a blog post! I’ve been perusing/reading more blogs since getting back into a more “traditional” work environment where I loosely adhere to the x amount of time of productive work/y amount of time letting your brain rest. Food blogs were the first kind I was ever engrossed with/followed regularly, probably around 2005/2006. That’s a story for another day, but I still follow some of those people today (101 Cookbooks, Detoxinista), and over the years have found more recent quality content (lately, Ambitious Kitchen). Enter the four recipes I have digitally dog-eared to make in the VERY near future.

1. Smitten Kitchen’s Everyday Meatballs

Please don’t ask why I’ve had a meatball craving the past week or so. I mean I usually crave red meat if it’s been a two or three weeks without out, and I most often will just get grass-fed ground beef from whole foods and make a basic meat sauce to have with gluten-free pasta. But give me all the meatballs now pls. I could easily make these gluten-free by making my own breadcrumbs from some Udi’s.



2. 101 Cookbook’s Spring Roll Salad

Vietnamese spring rolls, or nime chow, or whatever you want to call them – YES. These are my favorite to eat in the warmer months, either if I’m out to eat at some kind of pan-asian restaurant, or just picking them up at whole foods. My favorite ones are with shrimp, but shrimp is a no-no through my medical intuitive so now it’s chicken or tofu. I’m not supposed to do peanuts either, so technically the dipping sauce many come with is a no-go too, at least with any regularity. So for the peanut sauce dressing in this recipe, I’d just swap it out for almond butter. Not *exactly* the same I’m sure, but same general idea. Plus anything Heidi Swanson does is perfection to me, I’m a mega-fan and have all her cookbooks.



3. Detoxinista’s Easiest Cauliflower Pizza Crust

OK ok I know this is so white girl-super basic-ultra vanilla-pinteresy annoyiness, but I’m dying to finally try making a cauliflower pizza crust. Especially now that I avoid gluten, it seems like the time. I LOVE Detoxinista and have her cookbook, which has this recipe in it. It seems so much more doable that you can just use bags of frozen cauliflower that have been thawed in the fridge overnight, whizzed up in a food processor and rung out. Actually I think Trader Joe’s now even sells riced cauliflower because cauliflower and it’s many uses has been “discovered.” Anyway. This pizza crust looks kind of epic, honestly.



4. Ambitious Kitchen’s Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I wouldn’t have discovered this great food blog if it weren’t for an IG post Vanessa (TheBombshellSuite) did on these cookies. I MEAN HELLO. How insane do they look?! Ingredients look amazing and minimal, and the finished product just looks to die. There’s even a YouTube video! i imagine these freeze well, and you can just defrost as needed, or eat semi-frozen. Noms!




Let me know what’s on your To Make List – I’m always looking for things to bookmark!