An evening skincare lineup too good to not share

by: mercedes | may 25, 2016 | filed under: skincare


As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom, evening skincare routine complete (literally half an hour ago), I knew I had to share it with you. I pretty much feel like a new human. It was just the right magical amalgam  of products in my cabinet to induce insane happiness and bliss. My skin and soul are so happy right now!  So here’s what went down:

1. I removed eye makeup (jojoba oil) and face makeup (One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing) oil [not pictured here because I use those things all the time and they’re not what made this whole routine interesting].

2. I decided to reach for my Earthbody Sacred Skincare (now OmCali) Brighten Mask because I have been doing nothing but alternating between Mahalo’s Petal and True Nature Botanicals’ Protein Exfoliating Mask for my exfoliation since February, neglecting my physical exfoliators. I mixed the powdered mask with a scoop of Wedderspoon manuka honey and a few drops of water, left this on for probably 25 minutes. Then hopped in the shower.

3. Out of the shower I toned with my NEW OBSESSION, the Essential Apothecary Alchemist Hydrate spray for skin/body. I talked about this in a recent video, and my friend Lauren just sent me a birthday gift with a full size of this GEM, along with some other EAA samples to try! Brand overview/review forthcoming.

4. I’ve currently been using the Kahina eye serum both morning AND night since I find my Suki eye balm now too heavy for evening. I’ve been using this Kahina product loyally since it came in a Beauty Heroes box last September, and I really like it. It’s lasted this whole time, and I probably have at least another month of use out of this bottle.

5. After a long mask treatment, my favorite serum to reach for is always Mahalo’s Vitality Elixir. It’s SO freaking nourishing and soothing and calming and brightening and balancing on my skin and soul, it’s literally liquid gold. I used just one pump, employing the Caroline Hirons “therapist swipe” technique! God I want to go to holistic aesthetician school. If such a thing exists, in a credible way.

6. I let that sink in a few minutes because I wasn’t sure I was going to need a balm on top, but after doing my body moisturizing, I opted for a pea-sized amount of the original Mahalo balm – mostly because I love the scent profile of the original paired with the Vitality Elixir, but Mahalo Indigo would have been just as amazing.

Et c’est tout!

I am beyond blissed out now – gonna go watch last Sunday’s Game of Thrones (yeah yeah, I’ve been busy!) and be so grateful that I have the luxury of indulging in skincare that just makes me SO happy.

What does YOUR evening skincare routine look like tonight? TELL! xoxo.