Evolution in Personal Adornment // Recent Jewelry Acquisitions [Video]

june 19, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: style, videos


Today’s video is slightly atypical – I haven’t really discussed jewelry in depth in any previous videos or posts. But as you’ll hear in the video, for a combination of reasons I had a strong pull towards evolving my style through an edited selection of recent jewelry purchases. Watch it on YouTube, and I would LOVE for you to contribute recommendations for other pieces I could investigate and think about adding to my collection. Or let me know your signature/staple pieces.

Pieces Mentioned –
Bubu Ruby Azurite Pendant https://www.etsy.com/listing/154480968/blue-crystal-necklace-azurite-necklace
Kei Azurite Cuff Ring http://www.keijewelry.com/products/azurite-cuff-ring
Minoux Tiny Bar Necklace http://minouxjewelry.com/collections/necklaces/products/ tiny-bar-necklace
Minoux Ring 04 http://minouxjewelry.com/products/ring-4
Ursa Major Simple Tapered Bangle (size small, and the material is brass – I misspoke by saying it was 14k plated) https://www.katejones.us/products/tapered-bangle
Kathleen Whitaker Small Sequin/Dot Stud (sold as singles) http://needsupply.com/
Kathleen Whitaker Staple Stud (sold as singles) http://needsupply.com/