Articulating action points

by: mercedes | march 31, 2017 | filed under: ethos reflections

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I’m so thoroughly energized from the conversation my last video on YouTube generated. It’s impossible to ignore that MANY people have been feeling disenchanted with the mainstreaming of the green beauty community, along with the luxification of products and routines, and the onslaught of incessant marketing from every angle. There’s so much more to say and analyze on all these themes and topics, and what I *don’t* want to happen is just a return to business as usual on my channel.

I’ve been thinking about some concrete ways that I plan to steer L’Amour et la Musique in some novel directions. So this is serving as a bit of a roadmap for myself, detailing some actionable ways that I intend to use this platform to move forward in new ways.

* Product reviews and PR samples: I still have a deep love for beauty products and beauty rituals, and I intend to keep sharing my favorite discoveries, my routines, products I think are really noteworthy. I want to continue working with Beauty Heroes because I so fully support Jeannie and her mission, and I want to selectively review other brands that I feel inclined to share. However I’m no longer interested in amassing a vast array of PR samples and want to be extremely selective about what I accept and what I show. With respect to sponsorship, I have never received any kind of compensation to post a review or talk about a product, and that will not change. If I am ever in the position where I am consulting on a beauty endeavor that is not L’Amour, I will ALWAYS be extremely clear and transparent about that.

*More single-theme conversation videos, almost pseudo-academic lectures?: I’ve taken a page out of Jess (Stark Skincare) and Jordan (Jordan Samuel Skin) and their approaches to videos. Jess makes videos on a single topic (e.g. fear mongering and pseudoscience, overwhelm in green beauty) and shares her thoughts anywhere from 10-20 minutes in video format. I really love that style of video, and since I have so many thoughts swirling I want to start a list of similar topics I could do almost academic-lecture style videos on (but more conversational and not uptight and pretentious the way so many academic talks are : p). If you have any suggestions for this sort of video, please comment!

*Vlogging: I have been saying this for years but I *really* think if what I personally am after in the YouTube/blogging/social media space is an authentic, raw, quotidian expression of beauty then I need to put that kind of content out. While I love sitting in my bedroom and recording videos, sometimes it can feel a bit stale and I think doing vlogs that are more dynamic and multifaceted is really the next step  I feel pushed towards.

*Diversified content on “beauty” as a truly holistic concept: This is related to the above point, but since I am re-evaluating my framing as a “green beauty channel,” I want to allow more space for videos on varied content like DJing, sharing my musical history/narrative, gluten-free/paleo recipes, crystal collection, bullet journal flip-through, et cetera.

*Increased blog activity: I feel an urge to write more than I have in a LONG time. I think because as my critical thinking skills have clicked into high gear, I’m very comfortable writing about these themes after so many  years in school and so many academic papers later. So, I’d like to really put fingers to keypad more and just EXPRESS.

*Collaborative hybrid academic-beauty projects: I am in the nascent stages of collaborating with another academic/beauty enthusiast on a project she is just getting off the ground. Together I think we can produce some interesting and thought-provoking short articles, and also intend to conduct social science research to buttress our own experiences in the beauty community and what we’ve been observing and critically thinking about.

That’s all for now!

xoxo, mercedes

  One thought on “Articulating action points

  1. Sylvia Whippo
    March 31, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I’m excited to ride along with you as your channel and blog grow and transform. I use a mix of products, more mainstream than green at this point, but it is an area of interest and concern for me. My main issue, and what has prevented me from experiencing more green brands is in fact the luxury aspect. I enjoy purchasing luxury beauty when I can, and the same with skincare, but I also find it jarring when a product is so very expensive that it is out of bounds for the vast majority of us. I’m having trouble balancing my feelings on this issue, and where I stand.

    I hear you on simplifying routines. I’ve spent the past few years amassing beauty products, and while I don’t intend to declutter everything as is now trendy, but I don’t want a 15 step skincare routine. I want a simple morning and evening routine that supports my skins so it can be it’s best. Here is to growth and change!

  2. Mako F. W.
    March 31, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Yes, yes and yes to change and staying true to emanating beauty as energy work! 💜💫💄🔮Love the rebrand (as you already know!). Your critiques are necessary and timely. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on all of your platforms!

  3. Stephanie C. C.
    April 1, 2017 at 1:29 am

    Yes! I’d love to watch you create single themed videos. Lately, especially after the launch of Hourglass Girl lip stylos, I’ve been wondering whether commercialization of feminism works for or against women’s freedom. My initial instinct is that it works against women’s freedom, but I haven’t properly thought it through yet. I’d like to hear how you think of it, or of any area of feminism that interests you. I’m always so confused about feminism, I believe partially because it’s easy to fall into hypocrisy and fallacy. It’s a difficult and delicate topic, but I think it would make an interesting content.

    The ethics of eating meat also gets me thinking. Like you, I’m not vegetarian or vegan, and I’ve seen animal right activists argue if you care about animals it’s morally wrong to raise and eat them. My stance is that abstaining from eating meat for animal rights is rather symbolic and less practical and less helpful in protecting and improving animal rights than sourcing your meat only from farms that implement minimal-stress production system. I’ve seen you mention this topic briefly on several occasions, but a video dedicated on it would be interesting. Although I fear the comments will be loaded with hatred and blame from outraged animal rights extremists out there 😱

    • Stephanie C. C.
      April 1, 2017 at 11:28 am

      I’m sorry that my comment is getting so long, but I forgot to mention that I’d also love to learn more about ethical labor practices in the beauty industry. So many people are concerned whether a brand uses parabens or whether a brand is cruelty-free but not many people discuss about ethical labor practices. I’ve read briefly about the issue concerning mica and child labor in India but I don’t know any other cases of that sort. And the only brand I know that is concerned with fair labor is Lush. Do you know any other brands?

  4. April 1, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Ill try to articulate this well, but I’ve always been confused and fascinated by the idea of otherness and how people are almost driven to feel a part of something. When certain people begin to be put on a pedestal, green beauty personalities for example here,others join in to idolize them and usually want to be liked by them and will often go out of their way with praise for said person. Maybe this is more sociology? There always seems to be a small group of gods within any one niche. I’m such an introvert that it has perpetually made me feel like an outsider. I feel it’s this way in the green/natural community, too. Am I crazy? Is there some kind of sociological way of examining what I’m talking about? I’ve thought about writing about it on my own blog but can’t seem to figure out exactly what I’m even trying to say. Anyway, societal relationships, leaders and followers, idolatry…The mindsets intrigue me I think because as a blogger of 2.5 years, I don’t feel like a leader or a follower in the green space, I just exist. Is this too convoluted and esoteric? Lol. If anyone could read this comment and make sense of it, it might be you. Anyway, there’s a topic of interest for you!

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