New L’Amour Website is Here!

After months of work, I’m so happy to have this new website for L’Amour up and running. We worked hard to make it more than a typical “blog” format, with additional functionality and the ability to grow in all the varied directions L’Amour encompasses. I’m probably most excited about the Les Favoris page, which is a curated list of my top products across a multitude of beauty and lifestyle categories. For anyone who has ever wondered what my Hall of Fame or holy grail products are – now they’re all in one place and neatly organized.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new site as a landing and orientation page for L’Amour, as a way to learn a bit about me and my background if you’re new, or a way to connect and access new content if you’ve been with me for awhile. Thank you so much for all your continued support with this creative endeavor. I can’t wait to keep moving forward!