Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 15: How Traditional and Nourishing Foods Saved My Health & How We Eat as a Family Today

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Episode 15: How Traditional and Nourishing Foods Saved My Health & How We Eat as a Family Today

Between 2008 and 2009, the effects of years of dietary imbalance and hormonal birth control use came to a head in my life. Through acupuncture and the gradual transition to a traditional/nourishing foods way of life, I came to profoundly understand that a “healthy diet” is not what we’ve been told by mainstream nutritionism, or even the wellness industry. A decade after I began my reeducation on how to eat, I now feed my own family – including my 16 month old baby – according to these principles (imperfectly, but always learning!). Nutritional needs are ever-evolving and context-specific throughout our lives, but I hope hearing my story helps open up conversations about what it means to truly nourish ourselves beyond or apart from what we are told is “healthy.”

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