Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 16: Khulan Davaadorj, Lhamour Mongolia: Nomadic Beauty from the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

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Episode 16: Khulan Davaadorj, Lhamour Mongolia: Nomadic Beauty from the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

Lhamour is Mongolia’s first organic beauty brand, founded by Khulan Davaadorj in 2014. Motivated to heal her own skin sensitivities, Khulan studied skincare formulation through Formula Botanica after working in energy policy and management. Now an international beauty brand, Lhamour’s products utilize Mongolia’s abundant natural resources like seabuckthorn berry, yak’s milk, and nettle. In this conversation, Khulan shares her journey leading up to launching Lhamour, how time-honored nomadic practices are reflected in her formulation (particularly the soaps), and what it has been like to found and run a business as a woman in Mongolia (and as a new mom to a 6-month-old). For a limited time, with the purchase of any Lhamour product at listeners can receive a free Lhamour Soap Collection gift with purchase using the code LAMOURSOAP (add the Soap Collection to cart along with additional Lhamour item/s and apply code at checkout!).

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