Your Purpose is Beauty (Exclusive) Episode 18: A Day in the Life (Under Quarantine) (A Vlog as a Pod!)

april 6, 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

Your Purpose is Beauty releases new episodes every Monday, and the first Monday of each month is an episode that is exclusive to the L’Amour Patreon community. For $3 per month, you gain access to the private Your Purpose is Beauty Exclusive Episode feed, which shows up as a separate feed in your podcast player of choice (or you can listen directly on Patreon).

This episode released on Monday April 6th, and in this fourth exclusive episode of the podcast I decided to try a vlog as a podcast. I share about what my/our day looks like from the moment I wake up (or the baby wakes me up) til the moment I go to sleep at night. It was also an opportunity to touch on things like:
* Baby stuff (contact napping, meals, baby food prep)
* Morning and evening skincare, products I’m loving
* Recent recipe loves and a deeper peek into what we eat each day
* My evening work and online shopping time (as a way to continue supporting small beauty biz and move forward with L’Amour work)

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