Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 19: Eco/Organic Disappointing Beauty Products Over the Past Year

april 13, 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

Your Purpose is Beauty brings you eco/organic, luxury, and niche beauty product reviews and critique, as well as intellectual discussion about the beauty and alternative health industries. Hosted by independent beauty journalist and PhD sociologist Mercedes Lyson, this podcast will also explore why people have chosen beauty as their profession or passion through interviews with brand founders, beauty professionals, bloggers/influencers, and creatives. Exclusive episodes of this podcast are available at, and Mercedes’ 6 years of eco beauty video content can be found at

Episode 19: Eco/Organic Disappointing Beauty Products Over the Past Year

I firmly believe that beauty reviewers, journalists, editors, bloggers, and influencers have a responsibility to comprehensively assess products – sharing not JUST the raves and loves, but also when certain products invariably don’t work out, and why. I have done a number of disappointing products videos on YouTubes over the years (I will include a playlist of them below), but as with empty product reviews, I had let them accumulate for quite awhile after having a baby. Today’s episode is an in-depth look at the eco/organic products (across skincare, lip care, makeup, body care and hair) that were notably underperforming, flawed, not well formulated or preserved, or just missed the mark over the past year.

Additional references –
Playlist of past disappointing products videos on YouTube

To watch –
2019 Eco Beauty Favorites
Epic Empties Products
24 Days of Kansa Wand Project

To listen –
Episode 16, Interview with Khulan Davadoorj

Products discussed –
Drunk Elephant Protini
Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser
Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser
Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask
Skin Owl Eye+
Osea Hyaluronic Serum
Aurelia Day Moisturizer
8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil
Henné Organics Lip Mask
Odacité Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum
Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm (take photo)
Chantecaille Just Skin
Kani Botanicals Galaxy Milk Illuminating Beauty Oil
W3LL People Bio-Brightener Stick
RMS Signature Set Mod Collection
Glossier Boy Brow
Hourglass Brow Gel
W3LL People Brow Gel
Kat Von D Browstruck Brow Powder
Roén Beauty Vow Brow
Glossier Lash Slick Mascara
Kjaer Weis Lip Glosses
Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serum in Go
bareMinerals Dew Mist Setting Spray
Briogeo Rosarco Heat Protectant Cream
Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo
Kaia Naturals Takasumi Detox Deodorant
Vapour Aer Deodorant
Lhamour Mongolia Bath Bombs
Plant Apothecary Be Well Body Wash

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