Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 20: Discovering Resonant Skincare Combinations + Favorite AM/PM Routines Lately

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Episode 20: Discovering Resonant Skincare Combinations + Favorite AM/PM Routines Lately

In recent months I’ve come across some really beautiful skincare combinations – for example certain oils with certain essences/toners because of complementary scent; an aloe-based serum atop an oil for maximum hydration; and mixing an oil into an exfoliant to cater to sensitive skin. I talk through these skincare discoveries I’ve made, as well as share my recent favorite AM/PM skincare routines from start to finish. If you receive the Beauty Heroes and/or Boxwalla beauty subscription boxes, this may also give you some new ideas for how to pair or layer your products as I highlight many of those recent discoveries. I end with discussing some “extras” like masks, and a few “up and coming” products that just entered my testing queue.

Additional references –
To watch:
Late winter/early spring skincare routine
24 Days of Kansa Wand Project

To listen –
Episode 6, My Current Skincare Philosophy

Products discussed –
In Fiore Pur Face Oil + Maya Chia The Optimist
In Fiore Calme Face Oil + Earthwise Nap in the Meadow
Monastery Aloe + Earthwise Rosa
Monastery XX + Votary Super Seed Oil as a contact acid (rinse off after 5 mins)
Votary Super Seed Oil + African Botanics Le Masque
Earthwise Rosa + Honua Aloha Youth Serum

Favorite AM routine:
Splash with water, pat dry
Bluh Alchemy Multi-C Serum on dry skin
Very light mist of Maya Chia The Optimist (or skip)
Bluh Alchemy Eye Oil generously around eyes, third eye, extra rolled onto fingers and pat into rest of skin
½ pump of Free + True Mama Pacha
Lips: In Fiore Veloutee (not currently available) or Twelve Beauty Hyaluroil
(later can top with SPF of choice)

Favorite PM routine:
Eye makeup removal with Pai Rosehip Cleansing Oil
First cleanse Twelve Beauty Cleansing Balm
Second cleanse Ranavat Ceremony Cleanser
In Fiore Sauvetage
In Fiore Transparence
In Fiore Vis Clair
Ayuna Terra (if needed)
Fitglow Night Lip Serum or Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Minimal PM routine (if no makeup) –
First cleanse Twelve Beauty Cleansing Balm
Remove residual balm with Inlight Floral Tonic
Monastery Aloe
Lepaar Beauty Balm (currently sold out)

Mukti Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque
5Yina Biocellulose Masks
In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate

Up and coming:
Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil
Sahajan Nourishing Cream
Province Apothecary eyebrow serum
Earthwise Catharsis Mask

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