Your Purpose is Beauty (Exclusive) Episode 22: Answering All Your Questions From Patreon <3

may 4, 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

Your Purpose is Beauty releases new episodes every Monday, and the first Monday of each month is an episode that is exclusive to the L’Amour Patreon community. For $3 per month, you gain access to the private Your Purpose is Beauty Exclusive Episode feed, which shows up as a separate feed in your podcast player of choice (or you can listen directly on Patreon).

This episode released on Monday May 4th, and it more than just a “normal” q+a. This is a collection of some of the most thoughtful and deep questions I’ve probably every gotten.

Here are a list of the questions I answered:

*I’d love your thoughts on the routine/things you did in the immediate post partum period that were most helpful to bring back your vitality. I am 34 and currently 12 weeks post partum with my first child, and the healing process has been waaay slower than anticipated. I’ve always been healthy and strong, and this whole process has really just rocked my world- feelings of weakness, slow pelvic floor healing, and just overall less vitality. Vital is a word that keeps repeating in my mind as the feeling I miss most pre pregnancy. Anyway, I’m sure you can relate. I’ve heard you talk about post partum topics before, but wold love a recap of the biggest and most helpful tips and tricks.

*What type of products/beauty/ wellness trends make you roll your eyes?

*Just curious if you plan on doing anything different with your everyday life once things get back to “normal” (if they ever will). I’ve personally been doing a lot of reflecting lately while staying at home with my kids and husband. Working from home full-time, homeschooling 2 young kids, and not being able to go anywhere or be with our family and friends has made me question how we were living our lives prior to this pandemic. On a lighter less “deeper” note, I would love to know any of your non-healthy food cravings. I admire the healthy food and diet you share on Instagram, but I’m curious if you indulge in junk food every once in awhile! Same question with your skincare/makeup – what are some conventional non- “cleaner”/eco products you love to use and can’t give up?

*How do you balance keeping a sense of self and continuing to do the things that fuel you with the demands of motherhood? As my husband and I are in the planning stage, this thought often keeps me awake at night. The other side of this fear is, my parents were not ideal role models and the thought of repeating their mistakes is unsettling.

*Do you envision yourself going back to work? I also have a high level education, but am not working in that field right now. I personally love the time away & don’t know if I ever want to go back. Also on lighter note – favorite shoes / sneakers…[and] have you taken the Medicine Stories herb quiz? If so what was your spirit herb? Mine was mugwort.

*This may be too off topic, but I’d be really interested in hearing your feelings about journalism and mainstream media, particularly as it relates to CV. I’ve gleaned a bit from your Insta Stories, but I usually read them at night when my mind isn’t as clear and I’m sure I’ve missed some things. I’m so fascinated by journalism and always curious to learn more about people’s perceptions of the media. Are there any media outlets or perspectives that you trust and respect? (In addition to Zach Bush, I guess–I wrote his name down as someone to look into.) And then on a lighter note, I’d love to hear more about your interest in French pastry. What have been your favorite recipes and are there any cookbooks/websites you recommend? I used to want to be a pastry chef so I love this stuff. I tried making croissants once and it was so much fun.

*What is your excercise routine/opinion on fitness in general. And also does your significant other use natural cosmetics too?

*So I’ve been vacillating between being skeptical and paranoid about this whole COVID19 thing. My brother got the virus and was in the hospital for over a week, so it’s very real for me and my family. However, I totally agree that the mainstrain media is a terrible source of actual news and sensationalizes everything. So, I’ve been wondering about your resources for news and where you gather information about important topics.  Also, on a much lighter lighter note, can you give recommendations for oils to use with the Monestary XX. I like that idea since it felt a little drying on my skin when I used it overnight.

*If you were to choose the one and only skincare company to use the entire life, what would it be? (I have one guess, and I’m curious if I’m right). The second is similar, but it’s even more interesting for me. If you were to choose only 3 skincare products for your whole beauty routine for a year, what would you choose? (these can be from different brands, of course)…[and] I also have one question related to motherhood, and if you prefer not to answer – no problem at all. What is the most difficult for you in being a mom, and what is the most rewarding, in your opinion? [And lastly] gua sha or kansa wand?

*Have you seen the clean beauty myths video Caroline Hirons posted 3 days ago? If so, what are your thoughts? She feels very strongly about clean beauty not being based on science and parabens, aluminum and chemical sunscreens being perfectly safe. This is all so confusing, how is one supposed to make sense of it when they are so many conflicting opinions? It might be a topic for a longer discussion but if you could briefly touch on it, it would be most helpful.

*Thoughts on UV radiation and protection?…[and] can i also ask about beauty astrology? What does that look like? How does your venus placement help define beauty expression?

*How is your knitting going?

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