Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 24: What’s in the Cup + On My Mind: Beauty Catch Up, Should Healing Be Trademarked & Experience with Zach Bush’s Restore Supplement

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Episode 24: What’s in the Cup + On My Mind: Beauty Catch Up, Should Healing Be Trademarked & Experience with Zach Bush’s Restore Supplement

A seemingly disparate set of things I wanted to get in to today. I often get asked what “results” I’ve experienced from taking Zach Bush’s Restore gut health supplement, and I wanted to respond to this extensively since the answer is holistic and complex. Next, I had a situation come up around the sharing I did of Dien Chan Zone ™ Facial Reflexology recently, and it brought up some larger thinking around what it means to trademark health and healing. I refer to the example of the recent legislation ruling against trademarking “fire cider” which had made big waves in the herbal community over the past several years. And then lastly, we end with beauty chat (of course). There are some new beautiful things to gush over (Earthwise Beauty facial steam, Aether Beauty Joshua Tree Palette) and some updates on other things (Odacité shampoo bar, Live Botanical Cleansing Oil). And a quick addendum to what I discussed about the title – I mistakenly referenced the “On the table/in the cup…” series coming from the Cup of Jo blog, but it actually came linked from a blog called A Sweet Spoonful, and the series is called the Sunday Window series on the Leela Cyd blog.

Episode Notes:

Thank you to today’s episode partner, Beauty Heroes. You can shop Beauty Heroes’ extensive range of eco beauty, wellness and lifestyle products here, as well as subscribe to receive their monthly eco beauty discovery box. For a limited time, you can use the code LAMOUR for 10% off your first order in the store OR 10% off a new beauty box subscription!

Sunday Window series here (initially I found it on A Sweet Spoonful back in 2011 here).

My Sunday Window for Sunday May 10th, 2020 (Mother’s Day) –
bathing culture materials for already filmed review | Kirkland iced coffee + heavy cream (and water with a pinch of celtic salt) | marigold | dohm sound machine while the baby naps with Kaveh | we are born of love; love is our mother (rumi)

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Products discussed –
Zach Bush Ion*Health
Earthwise Beauty Selene Facial Steam* (code LAMOUR for 15% off)
Pacific Northwest Essences (code LAMOUR for 15% off)
Aether Beauty Joshua Tree Palette
Live Botanical Cleansing Oil
Odacite Shampoo Bar*
Innersense Hair Masque
Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil
Monastery Lapiz Body Oil
Monastery Attar
Luna sandals
(I have a coupon that will get you $15 off an order of Lunas:

*Items gifted from brand/boutique

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