Your Purpose is Beauty (Exclusive) Episode 26: Discussing (the energetics of) Drugs: From Plant Medicine to Club Drugs

june 1, 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

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This episode released on Monday June 1st. I took a leap and decided to record an in process talk around the issue of drugs. As I’ve been exploring Western herbalism more and more, I continue bumping up against perspectives that celebrate psychedelic experiences as a tool for expanding consciousness (mostly plant but synthetics seems largely accepted too). I have come to feel there is a lot that isn’t talked about or considered around these experiences, even among those who are adamant about the importance of integration and safety.

In this episode I also draw on my experience in and observations of underground dance music/rave culture as a conduit for taking drugs (sometimes for “expansion” purposes but mostly the opposite), and reconciling that against my immense love for house music independent of clubs/raves, or “the party.”  Even when I try to work out these entanglements in my head, I realize that socioculturally the music itself can’t really be fully extracted from the underground or club scene given house music history (I recommend the documentary Pump Up the Volume if you’re interested in this history).

I also included a bonus audio this month – a playlist of my top 12 house tracks of all time. It’s an hour and a half of auditory bliss 🙂

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