Your Purpose is Beauty (Exclusive) Episode 31: When Your Relationship to Ancestry/Ancestral Healing is Complicated (+ Ancestral DNA test regrets)

July 6, 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

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This episode released on Monday July 6th. WHAT A TOPIC. Honestly I barely skimmed the surface in today’s episode, but these are issues I’m very much living and processing and thinking a lot about. Like most humans I have complicated family of origin dynamics and relationships and this of course impacts any sort of ancestral connection practice. I’m learning. And what I’ve also learned is that I regret taking an ancestral DNA test a few years ago, and I explain why. At the end of the episode, I describe how starting to wake up (like REALLY wake up) to one’s social conditioning causes a lot of pain in the ancestral sense. This has been very heightened for me under the shifting social and political milieu brought forth under the global pandemic.

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