Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 34: What’s in the Cup + On My Mind: Liver/Gallbladder Flush FAQ, Parabens, and (Eco) Beauty Shopping Plans

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Your Purpose is Beauty brings you eco/organic, luxury, and niche beauty product reviews and critique, as well as intellectual discussion about the beauty and alternative health industries. Hosted by independent beauty journalist and PhD sociologist Mercedes Lyson, this podcast will also explore why people have chosen beauty as their profession or passion through interviews with brand founders, beauty professionals, bloggers/influencers, and creatives. Exclusive episodes of this podcast are available at, and Mercedes’ 6 years of eco beauty video content can be found at

Episode 34: What’s in the Cup + On My Mind: Liver/Gallbladder Flush FAQ, Why are we being persuaded to reconsider parabens, and (Eco) Beauty Shopping Plans

I first tried this concept/structure on Episode #24 from mid-May. I really liked the ability to dive deeper into viewer questions, provide in-depth thoughts on current beauty industry dynamics, and of course discuss products – all in one episode! So today we’re first discussing this series of 4 videos I did back in 2014 (L’Amour in YouTube infancy lol) on Andreas Moritz’s The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush. I still get many questions on these videos and this process today (do I recommend it, what do I think, etc) so I give you ALL the details on the multi-year unfolding of these cleanses. Then, you know we have to talk about parabens. We’re being urged to reconsider them, and the science that had us at least take a precautionary stance on their overuse. While I have absolutely no issue with whatever direction brands choose to go in their own formulations, what I can’t ignore are (tacit) agendas and attempts at manipulation. So let’s unpack that, and then end on a soothing note by talking products. I share what I was testing this past week – loving, unsure about – and then discuss the upcoming Pink Moon and Beauty Heroes orders I’m planning/carts I’m curating.

Episode Notes:

Use the code LAMOUR at Pink Moon checkout to have 10% of your order donated to The Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

Save 10% off your Earthwise Beauty or Pacific Northwest Essences order using the code LAMOUR.

Sunday Window series here (initially I found it on A Sweet Spoonful back in 2011 here).

My Sunday Window for Sunday July 19th, 2020 –
Earthwise Beauty balms just unboxed for testing | cold brew + heavy cream | taupe | morning summer thunderstorm | In seven hundred years the laurel will become green again, good people will return.

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Products discussed
Earthwise Beauty Passion Eye Serum (code LAMOUR for 10% off)
Pink Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil/Lunar Drops*
Bathing Culture Golden Hour Hydrosol*
One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil*
One Love Organics Botanical A Facial Cleanser*
Monastery XX*
LILFOX Dewy Bean Dream Sleeping Mask*
Stark Aurora (code LAMOUR for 15% off)

Beauty Heroes:
Bathing Culture Mind + Body wash
Osmia Lip Doctor
Innersense Hair Masque
Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleansing Balm
Marie Veronique Gentle Gel Cleanser
Ranavat Ceremony cleanser
Free + True Marigold Morning Gel Cleanse

Pink Moon:
Moss Beurre Celeste
Malaya Organics Candle Wild Blossom
Elly Lu Organics
Meant Do-All Wash
Risewell Kids Toothpaste

Baby staples:
Babo Botanicals Bubble Bath
Osmia Naked Body Mousse
Lhamour soaps
Earth Mama Calendula Oil
Inlight Baby Oil and Bath Oil*
Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Balm

*Items gifted from brand/boutique

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