Your Purpose is Beauty (Exclusive) Episode 39: Taking Questions from Instagram Part II: Acupuncture Benefits, Journaling, May Lindstrom, Toddler Favorites, Tea as Medicine!

september 7 , 2020 | by: mercedes | filed under: podcast, episodes

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This episode released on Monday September 7th. This is Part II to a call for questions over Instagram. I recorded answers to the second chunk of questions I received (you can listen to Part I here), and here are the questions I answered in this episode:

o  Update on baby care products and anything baby related!

o  Favorite types of teas and what do you use different herbal teas for?

o  What are the biggest benefits you’ve felt from acupuncture?

o  Favorite liver supporters and skin routine to help nourish?

o  What are your thoughts on CBD? (oil, not in skincare although you could go there too)

o  Any experience with May Lindstrom skincare?

o  What menstrual products do you use?

o  Maybe more of a Patreon thing but totally interested in your child immunization thoughts.

o  Do you journal and what kind of journaling style do you favor? I have a hard time journaling on how I “feel” et cetera.

o  What will your 2021 look like? Desires and hopes?

o  [Commentary on] the wider beauty community and skin “experts.”

o  Podcasting, Patreon and YouTube: How is your L’Amour community feeling to you at the moment?

o  Eco home – I’m particularly interested in bedding!

o  Current clothing loves – stores and bedding.

o  Black-owned skincare brands you’ve discovered – this could be a whole internet browse pod.

o  Current hair care routine?

o  Coping with COVID – things you’ve learnt, are learning, would have implemented in the beginning.

o  Holiday/vacation wishlist or staycationing? Where would you like to be other than home?

o  Summer faves for you, home, to eat, and for Baby L’Amour.

o  How do you cultivate discernment? This is something of importance to me but I am never sure how to do it.

o  Can you please give some suggestions for postpartum recovery?

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