Your Purpose is Beauty Episode 40: Another Empty Eco/Organic Empty Skincare Review: Disposable Makeup Wipes, First Earthwise Empty, 5Yina, Cleansing Balms + Tons More

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Your Purpose is Beauty brings you eco/organic, luxury, and niche beauty product reviews and critique, as well as intellectual discussion about the beauty and alternative health industries. Hosted by independent beauty journalist and PhD sociologist Mercedes Lyson, this podcast will also explore why people have chosen beauty as their profession or passion through interviews with brand founders, beauty professionals, bloggers/influencers, and creatives. Exclusive episodes of this podcast are available at, and Mercedes’ 6 years of eco beauty video content can be found at

Episode 40: Another Empty Eco/Organic Empty Skincare Review: Disposable Makeup Wipes, First Earthwise Empty, 5Yina, Cleansing Balms + Tons More

Nothing better than using up our products, is there. It’s supremely satisfying to hear this bag of empty glass bottles clank together as I dig things out to tell you about! I hope you enjoy hearing all these thoughts on my latest round of empty eco/organic skincare. If you’d like more, Epiosde 8 here on the podcast is also a skincare empties episode, and if you search “L’Amour empty skincare” or “L’Amour skincare empties” on YouTube you should see a whole slew of videos I’ve done over the past 6 years. So happy to be back with you this week after my end-of-summer podcast break!

Episode Notes:

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To listen –
Episode 8: Reviewing Empty Eco/Organic Skincare
Episode 23: Jess Lafleur, Stark Skincare
Episode 32: Ava Zhan, Earthwise Beauty + PNW Essences
Episode 37: Taking Questions from Instagram #2 (Part I)

To watch –
24 Days of Kansa Wand Project (March 2020)
How To: Jade Rolling and Gua sha
Mercedes Shops: Pink Moon
Best of Beauty 2019

Products discussed –
Kaia Vitamin Cleanse Makeup Wipes*
Ogee Hydraganics Gentle Glow cleansing cloths
Earthwise Beauty Selene Facial Steam*
Odacité All-Embracing Serum*
5Yina Quiescent Winter Beauty Oil*
Stark Skincare Aurora Cleanse + Hydrate Balm*
Maya Chia The Optimist
Blissoma Photonic
Skin Owl Beauty Whip
Activist Toning Mist*
LILFOX Kalahari*
Live Botanical Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Inlight Face Cleanser
Twelve Beauty Clementine Cleansing Balm
Laurel Sun Serum x2 (one in legacy packaging)*
Bluh Alchemy Multi-C Serum*
Stark Everlasting*
5Yina Lucent Summer Beauty Oil*
Biossance Squalane + Peptide Omega Cream (mini)
Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel (mini)
Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil (mini)*
Honest Hazel Eye Gels
H is for Love Rapha (sample)
H is for Love Pollan (sample)
LILFOX Prickly Pear Oil (sample)
Odacité Baobob + Sasparilla Eye Contour Serum*
Vapour Luxe Organic Lip Conditioner*
Inlight Body Butter (sample)

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