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One Year of Beauty Heroes: A Retrospective Review (September 2016 – September 2017)

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Another year of Beauty Heroes boxes has passed by! Here are my thoughts looking back through all the boxes. I would love to hear from you in the comments! xoxo, mercedes.

Last year’s 2015 – 2016 Beauty Heroes Retrospective –

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Bottega Organic Eye Cream (no longer available)

Josh Rosebrook Antioxidant Cacao Mask

MUN Akwi

Maya Chia Super Couple

Osmia Night Body Oil

Innersense Hydrate collection

LILFOX Jungle Glow
(My hero was LILFOX Cleopatra

Max + Me Circle of Protection

Honua Aloha Serum and Honua Olena Oil

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream

Mahalo The Bean

Skin Owl Maqui Berry Beauty Drops

Kahina Beldi soap

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A Capsule Approach to Eco-Beauty: Holiday Gift Ideas, Hair Edition

december 10, 2015 | by: mercedes | filed under: hair care

So if you know me in any capacity (online or IRL) you know my hair is…challenging. It’s just not wash and wear hair, so to look good/decent requires effort. The following are my true essentials that I really couldn’t live without – and goes without saying, I think any would make nice gifts solo or combined. I’ve actually given the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray as a gift several times and it’s always a hit.

As per usual, keep in mind these recs come from my personal experience dealing with my hair type – which is medium/fine, tendency to frizz, normal to oily scalp and sometimes dry ends. For reference, I wash my hair every 2-3 days, wearing it down in loose waves the first day, sometimes down the second day depending how it looks (usually with the front pinned back), and then the third day is usually a top knot or low bun. I also sleep on a silk pillowcase which I think has really helped the overall condition of my hair (and skin) and lately I’ve been sleeping with my hair in a loose braid which also helps extend my styles and reduce odd matting and cowlicks and all that annoyingness. My hair holds a style quite easily so this translates to my hair looking HOT MESS EXPRESS most morning. Ah, women and their hair. A complicated relationship.

1. Wonderseed Shampoo + Conditioner: The closest thing I have to a holy grail eco-shampoo and conditioner. These work SO well for me – cleansing thoroughly but retaining texture, and very cleanly formulated. I purchase mine off Amazon for very reasonable prices.


[yep, the conditioner is definitely disgustingly dirty from sitting in my shower/feel free to judge me]

2. Intelligent Nutrients Leave-In Conditioner + Hairspray: Other people might find these nothing special – and to be sure they’re really nothing on par with conventional styling products. But for some reason these have just been my ride-or-die daily hair styling aids since I started changing my products over to eco-choices 4/5 years ago. They smell like Aveda products on steroids and I just enjoy them, and have repurchased over and over.


3. Fig + Yarrow Scalp Tonic: I think everyone should strive to do weekly/bi-weekly scalp/hair treatments – even with something like coconut oil. Oiling the scalp is an ayurvedic practice that is meant to nourishing hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth (along with like one thousand other physical/mental/emotional/spiritual benefits). I like having a special hair treatment oil infused with extracts and such, and I really do enjoy this one from Fig + Yarrow. Smells AMAZING and if you don’t swoon over the apothecary-esque packaging and aesthetic than can we even be friends?


4. John Masters Organics Hair Pomade: Another arguably strange pick for an essential hair product, I’ve come to rely heavily on this hair pomade for smoothing over the ends of my hair when I want to do a top knot or any kind of bun/style. It gives my hair grip and helps the style stay in place, plus it’s nice aromatherapy and additional moisture to the ends. I feel like it helps protect the hair when it’s in a tighter style with hair elastics, which I don’t like to do too regularly but sometimes we all know it’s #bunanddone


5. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Obviously not even CLOSE to an eco product BUT HELLO I THINK IT’S WORTH IT. Honestly…like it’s just so good. It does smell quite intense if you’re used to “natural” products but at least the scent is pleasant and oh-so-sexy. For medium to fine hair types I just think this product is a lifesaver and worth every.single.penny. It gives your hair piecey movement, texture, volume, a little grit, but like clean grit? I DON’T KNOW JUST PLEASE EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF. The end.


6. Widu Wooden Bristle Brush: I realized I had to include the one hair brush I use for everything – on wet hair, dry hair, styling…the only thing I don’t use it for is blow drying but I don’t tend to use a blush to blow dry, just fingers. Anyhow I purchased my Widu off Spirit Beauty Lounge maybe 4 years ago, and it was a solid investment. It has remained in perfect condition and I think a wooden bristle hair brush is just a good thing for your hair. In particular they’re supposed to be good for people with oily scalps and dry ends because they’re meant to help distribute natural oils and such. Like who knows, right, but I will say my hair condition improved so much from all my combined efforts of changing products, regulating my scalp, switching my brush to one of these, et cetera. I’m also VAGUELY curious about Mason Pearson but it would really be superfluous for me at this point, as the Widu is really all I need.


New Adventures in Non-Toxic Hair Care: Wonder Seed

I have this one close girlfriend – more like a soul sister really – who I knew from college but we actually became close (through an extremely RANDOM encounter on makeupalley back in the day, actually) after college, over the past 8 years or so. Anyway. We share a PROFOUND love for makeup/skincare/beauty/etc. and have spent years discussing our favorites finds and new HG products. She’s recently been getting more into non-toxic beauty, and told me I must try out Wonder Seed’s shampoo and conditioner. Ordered both via Amazon (affordable, each were around $13 or $14) and it’s now sitting in my shower to try. This post isn’t a review, but expect one soon.

In other news – an August favorites video is coming soon! Lots of good stuff to share…and so many things I’m lusting. Constantly. It never ends.



Hair Addendum – a loose waves styling “tutorial”

Another hair video! If you watch this, you’ll get to see my air-dryed hair looking like a hot mess, and how I get my go-to loose waves look. I like this method because it tames my hair without having to use a flat iron (which I think are super damaging), and also works WITH my hair’s natural wavy-esque texture. Nothing worse than flat ironing your hair into oblivion when it clearly isn’t straight to begin with (though mine sort of is on top?). Also, I think the loose waves make my hair look nice and full, versus if I wear it straight it looks thinner and just not as nice.

However, I do also have a technique for mostly straight but really full and bouncy hair using velcro rollers – I might do that video at some point too!

Thanks for watching :)

Hair Talk

Ah, a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile. Switching over my hair care products to be more natural and nontoxic was one of the first things I did, because most conventional hair products – while effective – are NOT great for you. And considering our scalps are so porous, this seemed like a high priority item. I’ve come to find some brands I really like, and while they may not be AS good performance-wise as some of my old favorites, it’s a change I was glad to make. And there are more and more great brands surfacing every day – I’ll likely do an updated one of these in 6 months or so. Until then, xo!

A Mini Pamper Sesh

With my skin looking a bit lackluster and a little extra time on my hands (ok who are we kidding – there are only so many jobs one can apply to in a day…), I decided to do a little self-pampering. This is a quick, pared down version – just a face mask and hair oiling, which I left in for about an hour before taking a shower. So the process went like this.

1. Apply oil (any kind – coconut, almond, sunflower – I happened to have a Thai Lemongrass scented sample from a past Goodebox) from roots to tips, and leave on any where from half an hour to overnight.


2. I was only wearing a CC cream on my face, so instead of washing I lightly exfoliated with a Dr. Sponge konjac sponge, then applied a hot washcloth to my face for 30 seconds to steam and open up pores. Then, I mixed together the last bits of a sample I had of May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver (I got 3 masks out of this sample!) with some raw wildflower honey (ideal would have been manuka honey). I’ve also just mixed this with water, and it actually spreads better and I think activates better with water than with honey…


3. I watched an episode of Breaking Bad with an oily bun on top of my head, and a mud mask on my face:



After a thorough shower, and my regular nighttime skincare routine, I woke up with a lovely, bright complexion. The mask is pretty amazing…might have to pony up for the full size once I finish up my Clean Dirt…