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What’s your fashion personality? Hitchcock Madrona x L’Amour et la Musique

by: mercedes | august 19, 2017 | filed under: style, videos

I know I’m almost a week late in getting this accompanying blog post up with the fashion personality collaboration video I did with Erica from Hitchcock Madrona last Sunday, but I’m trying to get better at putting up a blog post with every video so that products and topics can be more easily searchable and archive-able on here. Retroactively going through all my past videos and making sure they are archived on here is an open-ended project (anyone care to do some intern work for me? : p).

Anyhow, I had THE BEST time collaborating with Erica – everything from iterating on the questions together to actually filming and discussing, to watching Erica’s video and to see how DIFFERENT we are but how those differences are so complementary was really, really fun. Erica and I are planning to do more videos together, which I hope you’ll enjoy. If you haven’t already watched our fashion personality videos, you can see mine here and Erica’s here. And be sure to check out the rest of Erica’s videos, she’s one of my absolute favorites.

The questions –

1. What are 5 words to describe your personal style? Do you have anything to show regarding those words?

2. Where do you derive your fashion inspiration from/who are your style icons?

3. What can’t or won’t you wear (for whatever reason) but want to wear?

4. What is your favorite category to buy?

5. What are your favorite places to shop for clothing?

6. Do you consider color typing or color harmonization as part of your wardrobe styling, and if you so what is your color type (i.e. warm autumn, cool winter, et cetera) and what colors do you feel best suit you?

7. What is the most sentimental or nostalgic item in your wardrobe?

8. What are your thoughts on fast fashion, sustainable textiles, and capsule approaches to fashion?


Additional ephemera…


Evolution in Personal Adornment // Recent Jewelry Acquisitions [Video]

june 19, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: style, videos


Today’s video is slightly atypical – I haven’t really discussed jewelry in depth in any previous videos or posts. But as you’ll hear in the video, for a combination of reasons I had a strong pull towards evolving my style through an edited selection of recent jewelry purchases. Watch it on YouTube, and I would LOVE for you to contribute recommendations for other pieces I could investigate and think about adding to my collection. Or let me know your signature/staple pieces.

Pieces Mentioned –
Bubu Ruby Azurite Pendant
Kei Azurite Cuff Ring
Minoux Tiny Bar Necklace tiny-bar-necklace
Minoux Ring 04
Ursa Major Simple Tapered Bangle (size small, and the material is brass – I misspoke by saying it was 14k plated)
Kathleen Whitaker Small Sequin/Dot Stud (sold as singles)
Kathleen Whitaker Staple Stud (sold as singles)


Lusting Leggings

november 20, 2015 | by mercedes | filed under: fitness, style

I’m lusting new leggings for the gym in the most major way. I’ve been going more frequently (inner gym bro-ette UNLEASHED), and also watching an obscene amount of Nikki Blackketter on YouTube – so inspiration abounds! I have a couple of good pairs, but I really need 1-2 additional pairs that are *super* thick, not see-through when squatting, and provide nice compression on the muscles. Here’s a list of brands I’m perusing, with some pros/cons:

  1. Lululemon [Wunder Under Crops]

Pros: thick material, provide compression, durable, thick waistband, fun prints, know my size

Cons: less-than-ideal business ethics, tendency to pill, $$


2. Beyond Yoga [Walk and Talk Capri Legging, Salt and Pepper Take Me Higher Legging]

Pros: super high-waisted, durable, mesh detailing, made in the US

Cons: $$$, small selection, unsure of my size and potentially between sizes

beyond yoga 1

beyond yoga 2

3. Carbon 38 [I want like EVERYTHING but the B Fit Color Blocked Leggings immediately caught my eye]

Pros: multitude of styles and options, fun prints (many scream soul cycle…)

Cons: some pairs are like EXORBITANTLY expensive (for leggings) (WHY AM I IMMEDIATELY DRAWN TO THE PAIR THAT IS $420???)

carbon 38 1

carbon 38 2

*This is the $420 pair [above]

4. Fabletics [Salar Leggings, Fjord Legging]

Pros: extremely affordable, fun prints, high waistbands

Cons: unsure of quality/durability at price point, dislike celebrity brands/marketing

fabletics 1

fabletics 2

5. Gymshark [Form Compression Leggings, Flex Leggings]

Pros: affordable, leggings specifically for compression

Cons: small waistband (tends to be less flattering), unsure of quality/durability at price point

gymshark 2gymshark 1

6. Nike [Legendary Jacquard Training Tights, Epic Lux Running Crops]

Pros: variety in style and price point, high + thick waistbands

Cons: can be see-through, have heard negative reviews…so not the best word-of-mouth

nike 2

nike 1

What are your favorite leggings? Any brands I absolutely must put on my radar, given my needs and aesthetic preferences?

Purse Lust

I’ve been rocking a little pink faux leather cross-body purse from H+M since the summer – but I feel I’m in need of something else for the winter months. Sparked by Vivianna Does Makeup’s most recent videos on her winter style staples (also, I die for her lip color in that video, NARS lip pencil in Cruella), the Whistles Revington Leather Croc Effect Cross Body Bag is in my top two lusts, along with the Clare Vivier Fold Over lambskin clutch (which I think I learned about from Cupcakes and Cashmere, maybe?).

Anyway. A girl can dream. About purses.