Holidays 2020

I never seem to plan enough in advance to have a holiday shopping guide or neatly organized deals and discounts ready in advance of the shopping mania that befalls us this time of year! For now I am putting together this quick list of some of my affiliate brands and their holiday codes if applicable. Shopping through these links a small way you can support L’Amour and the various content streams I will continue working on in 2021 and beyond! I will also be doing a detailed holiday shopping/gift guide on Patreon this month.

Earthwise Beauty: 20% off with code BlackFriday2020

Everything about this brand is exquisite, and they have been my most fulfilling beauty find in 2020. They are also offering a stunning gift wrap option with hand-dyed ribbon.

Boxwalla: Better Than Black Friday

Boxwalla has curated some special beauty boxes for the holidays, and they start at $29. They are just releasing this box featuring a Live Botanical balm and tisane!

Pink Moon: Code LAMOUR to Donate 20% to The Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

During Pink Friday, Pink Moon is upping their donation contributions to Collaborator for Change organizations from 10% to 20%. There are also amazing gifts with purchase at different tiers! I splurged on a luxe home addition…guesses?

Ranavat Botanics: Stay Tuned

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a Black Friday weekend deal, but if nothing comes through my code LAMOUR may just be coming your way later next month for 15% off…

Crystal Quest: Code blackfriday for 20% off

I bought one of their bath ball filters to upgrade my therapeutic bath experience.

PNW Essences: 20% off with code BlackFriday2020

Receive 20% off all flower and gem essences (individual consultations are the only exclusion; you can use the code LAMOUR for 10% off custom essences/consultations).

Beauty Heroes: 20% off sitewide

A generous discount, plus tiered gift with purchase! I think you can’t go wrong with some of my personal 2020 discoveries of the year: Free + True Mama Pacha, Inlight Body Balm, Activist Manuka, Bathing Culture body oil, I could go on…

5YINA: Code FF2020 to save 20%

If these sheet masks were in stock, I would have stockpiled! Alas, we can only get on the wait list. But while you’re there you can check out all their other amazingness. I’ve been loving their new hand cream!

Babo Botanicals: 40% off everything

I stocked up on the Babo Moisturizing Bubble Baths and Sensitive Skin Shampoo + Wash! Staples in our house.