In Fall 2017 I joined Patreon to grow my L’Amour et La Musique offerings. I hope you’ll consider supporting me there so I can continue to create the type of content you’re familiar with, as well as expanding into new content areas many of you have asked for. This will include more lifestyle-centric videos (vlogs, everyday conscious living, nutrition and other daily health practices), and videos in which I bring a more explicitly sociological perspective to a range of topics (consumption, materialism, capitalism, the science versus spirituality divide, gender politics in the beauty space, and class-based commentary on health seeking/wellness, among others). Your support will also allow me to invest in new equipment and software to continue refining the content I produce, as well as allow me to explore new formats and platforms. A few possibilities include a revamped and easier to use website, a podcast, downloadable lectures, articles, and live dj mixes (yes, I dj too!).

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