Holistic Dental/Oral Care Routine

Thanks to all of you who have given me video idea suggestions – this was one, and I listen and take heed! Here I tell you what I do to take care of my teeth using natural/non-toxic products. Let me know if the comments what your dental/oral care routine looks like!

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Products Used
Sonicare Toothbrush (I’m not sure if the exact model I have is still available but there are lots of options available on Amazon)
Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper
Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss
Desert Essence Whitening Plus Mouthwash
Living Libations Successful Self-Dentistry Info and Products
Holistic Science Co. Natural Multicare Toothpaste (comes in 2 formulations, one with CoQ10 and one with Activated Charcoal)
Holistic Science Co. Natural Multicare Mouthwash