How I Decide What Natural/Non-Toxic/Organic v. Low-Toxin v. Conventional Products To Buy

I’ve gotten some requests to do a video on how I decide which products I’m going to buy, and how I navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of all the labels out there – clean/green/natural/organic versus “low-toxin” versus conventional personal care and lifestyle products. I was a bit ambivalent about filming this just because it’s quite complex and intensely personal, so this is just my own approach at this point in time! I hope it’s helpful to those of you interested in pursuing greener/cleaner product purchases. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Links etc. mentioned
Shopping Our Way To Safety by Andrew Szasz
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Beauty Nature’s Way video (and actually my bad, this video was posted under her other channel, Naturally Thrifty Mom): “How I Pick My Natural/Safe Cosmetic Products”