My History With Hormonal Birth Control, Healing My Cycles Through Acupuncture & Fertility Awareness

Probably the most highly requested video in the history of L’amour et la Musique. I sincerely hope this is informative and helpful to anyone considering alternatives to hormonal birth control. I am also hyper-aware of how complex and exceedingly personal this topic is, and I do not believe in a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach – with birth control, or anything in life. I look forward to some productive and enlightening discussion in the comments! xoxo, mercedes.

Books mentioned
Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life Taking Charge of Your Fertility

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Lips: Aromi Power Red
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Top: Everlane Merino Mock Neck

Filming equipment – Canon Rebel t6i + 18-55mm lens

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