My Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Product Recommendations

Hey guys 🙂 I get asked a lot by friends who are looking to lead more natural/less toxic/greener lifestyles where they can start – and indeed, the process can seem overwhelming at the outset because we’ve been socialized as part of the conventional status quo of consumption since birth. So I decided to pick out 5 products that I think are some of the easiest places to start for those looking to lead healthier/more natural lifestyles. Warning: there will be menstruation talk! 🙂 Thanks for watching, and subscribe for weekly natural beauty and lifestyle videos!

Products Mentioned
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap:
Bragg’s Raw and Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
BioKult Probiotic
Information on Dr. Natasha (sorry, I said Natalia in the video) Campbell and the GAPS Diet: