One Year of Beauty Heroes: A Retrospective Review (September 2015 – September 2016)

My thoughts on one full year of Beauty Heroes subscription box products! I hope you find this useful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. xoxo, mercedes.

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What I’m wearing
Nails: Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies
Lips: Elizabeth Street Cosmetics in Franklin

Hero Products Available in Beauty Heroes Shop for 15% off all the time!
Kahina Eye Serum
In Fiore Treate Gentle Cleansing Emulsion
In Fiore Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence
Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo + Conditioner
(Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum not available in Beauty Heroes shop)
Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap
Osmia Organis Purely Simple Face Cream
Beauty Counter Neroli Body Oil not available in Beauty Heroes shop)
SkinOwl Mangosteen Beauty Drops
True Nature Botanicals Exfoliating Mask (doesn’t appear to be currently available in Beauty Heroes shop) Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm
Modern Minerals Lotus Wei-Infused Emotive Lip Gloss
Modern Minerals Moonstone Cream Highlighter
Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28
Laurel Sun Damage Repair Serum
Uma Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil

Filming equipment – Canon Rebel t6i + 18-55mm lens

Disclaimer and a word on integrity: All products I talk about here on L’amour et la Musique are purchased with my own money, unless I explicitly mention that it was given to me either as a “PR sample” or gifted to me by friends/subscribers/et cetera. I will ALWAYS be fully transparent about any products given to me for review, that I did not seek out or purchase of my own accord. It is one of the biggest issues I have with YouTube – that many bloggers and YouTubers have just become a means to market products. That’s not why I do this. There is a huge difference between giving a rave to a product you researched and hemmed and hawed about spending your own money on, versus something given to you to test out. So, long-winded way of saying: all opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I strongly value honesty and integrity in real life and here on YouTube.

*Products marked with an asterix were sent or given to me as PR samples by the company (I don’t denote gifts from friends or subscribers)
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