Post-Travel Catch-Up: Skincare and Makeup I Packed + New Beautiful Things

I initially just intended to show you the skincare and makeup I had packed on my recent trip to California, but I couldn’t resist sharing with you some new insanely gorgeous eco luxe beauty products in my life. I’m moving this weekend (le stress continues) so again I’ll be a bit delayed in replying to comments, but I promise to get to all of them by Tuesday/Wednesday! xoxo, mercedes.

What I’m wearing
Nails: Trust Fund Money Buys Happiness
Lips: Glossier Generation G Matte Lip Color in Jam

Space1990 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

Filming equipment – Canon Rebel t6i + 18-55mm lens

Disclaimer and a word on integrity: All products I talk about here on L’amour et la Musique are purchased with my own money, unless I explicitly mention that it was given to me either as a “PR sample” or gifted to me by friends/subscribers/et cetera. I will ALWAYS be fully transparent about any products given to me for review, that I did not seek out or purchase of my own accord. It is one of the biggest issues I have with YouTube – that many bloggers and YouTubers have just become a means to market products. That’s not why I do this. There is a huge difference between giving a rave to a product you researched and hemmed and hawed about spending your own money on, versus something given to you to test out. So, long-winded way of saying: all opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I strongly value honesty and integrity in real life and here on YouTube.

*Products marked with an asterix were sent or given to me as PR samples by the company (I don’t denote gifts from friends or subscribers)
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