The Energy Between Eclipses, August 2017

Today I’m sharing some of the physical manifestations of this month’s energy shifts I’ve been experiencing. You know, the process of making/editing this video and referring back to the instagram stories (which I’ve included in the footage) made me realize the stark dissonance between what I believe and feel is going on in my life, versus what I generally present publically – and that’s for a whole host of reasons. I hope you’re all weathering the month in a way that feels positive in spite of any physical issues cropping up. Please share what you’ve been going through in the comments! xoxo, mercedes.

Also an edit: I referred to the lunar eclipse on August 7th as a new moon when it was in fact a FULL moon, and the solar eclipse on the 21st is a NEW moon. Ergo, there are no consistent “reactions” to these sorts of events, it just seems they move energy and the way we experience that changes constantly.

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Filming equipment
Canon Rebel t6i + 18-55mm lens