Why To Consider Attending a 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Course

Bonjour belles! I’ve had a busy week and thought my next video up would be January Favorites, but I’ll be filming that probably this weekend and try and have it up by Sunday. Until then, if you’re interested, in this video I share a bit about my experience attending a 10 day silent vipassana meditation course (aka “a Goenka retreat”). It was an invaluable experience, to say the least. I now have a daily meditation practice that has affected my life in subtle, cumulative ways and I’m grateful for that. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to share more. xoxo.

Vipassana Resources
Dhamma Dhara website: http://www.dhara.dhamma.org
Dhamma Brothers Documentary: http://www.dhammabrothers.com