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Updated Night Out Makeup

Mes amis! I hadn’t filmed a Get Ready With Me in months, so I decided it was time to. I was off to one of my favorite nightclubs in Boston (that brings in lots of good house music acts), so I did my go-to look – a contoured mostly matte eye, more dramatic black liquid liner, and a bright lip. I used a mix of products I’ve used in past videos, as well as some new goodies that I’ve amassed. I hope you enjoy! See you guys soon. xo.

Easy Weekend Day Makeup

Hi natural beauties! I just uploaded another makeup look video to my YouTube channel, in case you’re interested. I gave my new Studio 78 concealer a whirl and man is it good. I’ve been using it all week and it provides excellent coverage, and melts into the skin really seamlessly. Very pleased with that splurge.

I’m going to try to start regularly uploading videos on Thursdays and Sundays, so if you’re into watching YouTube beauty videos, subscribe to my channel!


Get Ready With Me #4: Physician’s Formula Nude Wear + Dior 999 Lipstick (mostly natural products)

I just posted another YouTube video where I showcase the Dior 999 lipstick I received for my birthday, and do a sort of first impression of the Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow concealer/highlighter. I also do some rambling about my stance on green versus conventional products, and just a warning – it’s largely an unsatisfying ramble! While I’m so obsessed with green beauty, I have issues with being militant and dichotomous about issues – instead preferring the 80/20 approach. Perhaps that perspective would be valuable to some? Still figuring this all out.

Two YouTube Videos in one week! Get Ready With Me #3

I finally sat down to thoroughly troubleshoot why I couldn’t get the latest video I recorded (over Memorial Day weekend…) off my iPhone, and FIGURED IT OUT! You know that sense of accomplishment when you get, when you finally solve something? I knew I didn’t want to lose the footage of this look, so I spent a good hour or to upload the footage. ANYWAY. Here it is! I used Tarte’s cream eyeshadow in Shimmering Bronze and did a bright orange-red lip, using MAC Lady Danger (just.can’t.give.my.dirty.lipsticks.up). Enjoy!