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L’amour et la Musique goes shopping on Vitacost and does a holistic living tag video

I forgot to post on here the video I did BEFORE the one I just put up today – so here are both of them. Please do forgive how unkempt my hair looks in the Vitacost video – yikes.


And I got a little carried away answering the 10 questions in the “Miss Work-a-Holistic” tag, but they were just so up my alley. Rambling on and on about alternative health treatments I’ve tried? Covered.

morning cuppa tea, enhanced.

I’ve been an avid morning black tea drinker for awhile now. I used to have a pretty wicked coffee/espresso habit, but it just really whacks my body out and I knew I was drinking too much. I still have the occasional weekend cappuccino or cortado, but my morning beverage of choice is english breakfast tea. I’ve been loving yorkshire gold.

I ALSO love coconut oil, so I got the grand idea to start stirring in a teaspoon or so, after watching a youtuber I follow, Check In The Mirror, demonstrate this tip as a way to take coconut oil internally (something I’ve always meant to do, but with so many health habits in rotation, long-term adherence can be tricky):

I don’t want to take a full tablespoon yet every morning (apparently coconut oil can be detoxifying if you take too much suddenly), but a teaspoon stirred in is actually really nice.