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Friday Things: Recent Beauty Heroes June Box Review Video + Boston’s Sephora at the Prudential

june 3, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: makeup, videos


On Wednesday (my birthday!) I uploaded my review of the June Beauty Heroes box, featuring The Emotive Makeup Collection by Modern Minerals x Lotus Wei. This box was SUPER polarizing and I really do understand – my first impressions were decidedly underwhelming. I tried to remain neutral and unbiased while testing the products in the box out, and you can hear how my thoughts and product experience evolved.  Beauty Heroes will be changing how they deal with makeup in their boxes, sooooo hop over to go watch and hear it all! Also there are tons of comments where people shared their brutally honest opinions too, in case you’re interested.

Products in the box include the following –


Lotus Wei-infused lip gloss in Padparadscha


Lip Gloss in Citrine


Modern Moonstone Cream Highlighter (exclusive to Beauty Heroes subscribers)


Rose Quartz Eyeshadow

To subscribe to Beauty Heroes for the upcoming three months and to receive the June box from Modern Minerals x Lotus Wei:

To give a Beauty Heroes Gift Subscription:

To learn more about Beauty Heroes as an eco-beauty subscription box service, here is a playlist of all my past Beauty Heroes reviews –

Ok AND THEN – I went to Sephora at the Prudential Center (in Boston) last night. I had been to their temporary space while the new space was being put together and DEAR LORD IS IT SOMETHING TO BEHOLD. It’s obviously massive, but what blew me away was seeing brands I’ve never seen in a brick and mortar Sephora – Briogeo, Verb, they’re getting Oaui soon, Tata Harper makeup, Surratt, EVERYTHING. Died.

I brought the Christophe Robin thickening spray to return (teaser, you’ll see this in my Mercedes Shops this Sunday!), and ended up getting all THIS:


So actually the only thing I purchased was the Surratt Relevée Eyelash curler which I talked about wanting here, and lordy lord do they know how to lure a sister in with their packaging. Not shown here but in comes in a gorgeous black box with the super chic and elegant Surratt logo embossing, and the curler itself lives in this little black drawstring pouch. First impressions after trying it last night…unlike any other SHAPE of a curler I’ve used, it’s actually very FLAT and doesn’t have as much of an arc to it, if that makes sense? It feels very weighty and…intense. The curl it gave was gorgeous and my lashes were still curled this morning : p I need to play more, but I think I love it.

The other things here were freebies! The Bite Beauty matte lip crayon on Glacé is a new June 100 point perk (nothing else really spoke to me…was considering also throwing in the Hourglass primer mini but nah), and I went for Marc Jacobs in lieu of Fresh for my birthday gift (NARS was better last year imo).  Here are the lip colors swatched along with a completely gratuitous shot of another recent addition to my jewelry collection – that video is coming SOON because I am OBSESSED with the new adornment in my life:


Glacé reminds me of two colors I already own, Nudus 27 Kisses and Bite Buttercream in Rosewood (yes, you will see this Sunday TOO SO MANY SPOILERS). The Marc Jacobs shade is called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (cute) and looks like a pretty universally flattering rose pink.

So that’s my Friday for you, playing around with new loot. What’s going on with YOU? <3


Red Apple Lipstick Lip Swatches: Extended Thoughts

february 17, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: makeup, videos

I haven’t been shy about my honest impressions of Red Apple Lipstick, just from a brand strategy/aesthetics perspective. If you haven’t been privy to my candid thoughts before: I think they are in need of a MASSIVE face lift, especially their website. But if you’re able to get beyond the exterior and actually try some of their products I think you’ll be quite impressed. My only experience prior to lip swatching all the shades you’ll see in the video was getting to test out the color Ravishing in the fall as part of their blogger program. The verdict: I LOVE it. It’s part of their Instant Color formulation, which has been my favorite formula to date.

A quick run-down of the different formulas Red Apple Lipsticks come in – because this is important to my overall review of and experience with the shades I’ve since tried:


Summer Passion


Instant Color


I’ve now tried a lipstick in every formulation, and my absolute favorite is the Instant Color – it’s the most opaque, full coverage, and matte. Satin would be next, in terms of these metrics. Followed by Original. The Summer Passion and X-Series formulations are NOT for me – they’re basically almost like a creamy lip gloss, with high shine finishes. I will say, at least for the Summer Passion lipstick I tried (Sunkissed) it IS quite pigmented. Much more pigmented than a more traditional tinted lip conditioner or balm. However, for my own purchases I’ll be sticking with Instant Color and Satin Formulas – POTENTIALLY Original if a color really grabs me.

So, some further thoughts on all the shades I show today – which by the way were all generously given to me. New York and After Hours are full size lipsticks gifted to me by my friend Ru (go read her blog!), and the rest were sample pods sent to me in a care package from a lovely viewer of mine, Autumn.

1 New York (X-Series): one of my least favorites not necessarily because of color, but because of the formula/finish. Much too glossy for me, unfortunately. I found Oh My Guava to look VERY similar on my lips, with a finish I prefer. I’m going to have to find a new home for this one : /

2 Oh My Guava (Instant Color): LOVED this one – one of my favorites from this round of swatching, and it’s on my To Purchase list. I had been eyeing this one up for months as a go-to nude to add to my collection, so I’m really happy it ended up working with my undertones. I found it to have just a *hint* more peach to it than New York, whereas New York had a teeny bit more pink. Finish is full coverage, and pretty matte – as far as eco lipsticks go.

3 Sunkissed (Summer Passion): As I was applying this for the video I was like uh, NO – but watching the footage back I didn’t think it looked as bad as I thought it did while filming. However I think it’s still a bit too warm for me, and it’s basically a very pigmented lip gloss. However it is a TRUE orange, for any of you into that, and wanting a very glossy finish.

4 Red! 101 (Original): This one reminds me of cherry popsicles, and I really ended up liking it! As an Original formula it’s not as full coverage/opaque as the Instant Colors, but I didn’t find it to be too sheeny/shiny. I’d consider purchasing a full size of this at some point, it’s a really beautiful red for spring I think.

5 Wine & Dandy (Satin): J’ADORE. This was another favorite from the video. Absolutely gorgeous deep wine color, and reminds me of the double-ended Bite Beauty duo in Mulberry/Scarlet. Definitely added to my RAL wishlist. It had enough red/purple tones to be to my liking – unlike Fierce, which had too much brown.

6 Fierce (Instant Color): This was very meh – I much preferred Wine & Dandy on me, though there’s a strong parallel between the two. As I said above, Fierce seemed to have more brown show up on me, though I did notice this color looks very different as one layer, versus 2+ layers. As one layer it’s actually quite a pretty deeply pigmented stain. But still, not something I’d consider purchasing. Which is good because I think it’s discontinued? You can only purchase sample pods of it on the website now, it seems. Also, it didn’t seem like an Instant Color formula to me and it’s unclear why.

7 After Hours (Instant Color): Obsessed. OBSESSED. I love love LOVE this one, and so happy to have a full size in my life. When this shade launched in their most recent collection this one was the one that immediately made me go all heart-shaped eye emoji. I love vampy purple-y lips and this one is absolute perfection. Formula is on point, it’s versatile and can be mixed with lots of other reds/pinks to create unique gradations of fuchsia….highly recommend.

In sum, my favorites were Oh My Guava, After Hours, and Wine & Dandy. Red! 101 would be my runner up. Pass on New York, Sunkissed, and Fierce.

To purchase –

New York http://bit.ly/1LoitvC

Oh My Guava http://bit.ly/1KPaGMo

Sun kissed http://bit.ly/1Qfrc4D

Red! 101 http://bit.ly/1odk6XN

Wine & Dandy http://bit.ly/20TZ6Hl

Fierce http://bit.ly/1TjvXR0

After Hours http://bit.ly/1PxeLDN