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Contemplating a Silk Naturals Order: Limoncello Highlighter, Medium Ash Brow Cream, Velvet Matte Lipsticks?

january 26, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: makeup

Yesterday Andie, Ru and I had dinner in Chinatown after work. These girls have become such great friends, and as anyone who blogs or makes youtube videos can attest – it’s AMAZING to get together and talk shop with people of your milieu. Every time we get together it’s guaranteed we will:

1. Gossip (oh yeah…#takenoprisoners)

2. Eat at some kind of vegan establishment (Andie’s doing, NOT mine)

3. Swap products

4. Swatch products

Andie brought a bunch of Silk Naturals products for me to look at in person. I’ve admittedly been a snob and always thought the brand seemed way to cheap, but certain products garner tons of love from eco-beauty enthusiasts. Andie is devoted to their Limoncello highlighter, and I must admit – it’s REALLY pretty in person:


I expressed needing a new brow product in a recent video, and quite a few people recommended the Silk Naturals brow cream. It comes in a wide range of shades – Andie brought Medium Ash for me to try, and I’m pretty tempted to at least sample it:


And then finally, I went to town swatching 4 of the Velvet Matte lipstick formulas that Andie owns. The photo below includes one non-Silk Naturals shade – the very top swatch is Axiology Theory (can you tell Andie has a massive thing for brown lipstick), and then in descending order from the Silk Naturals Velvet Matte formula it’s Underground, Bustier, 90s, and Marsala:swatches

The shade 90s holds the most immediate appeal (second to the bottom), so I may try it? Honestly I’m still torn. I haven’t been impressed by other small indie green brands (like The All Natural Face), so even though Silk Naturals is really inexpensive, I’m not keen on the products not performing well and me wasting money, however little. DILEMMAS.

Foundation Advice

Part of the reason I decided to start my blog and YouTube channel is because friends frequently ask for my advice and product recommendations relating to natural/non-toxic beauty and lifestyle.  I’d send them detailed emails with links and suggestions, and really enjoy doing it. So, I had dinner with a good girlfriend this past Tuesday and she wanted some foundation advice. I thought I’d share my follow-up email to her here, since it’s illustrative of the way I enjoy helping others discover new brands, and green their beauty and self-routines – which I think is awesome and powerful! Connecting women through shared beauty rituals – I think that’s what the argan oil brand Kahina espouses as their guiding ethos, and it resonates.

So as we know, I am not much of a foundation wearer, though I am always searching for non-heavy/cakey ways to perfect my skin and appear effortlessly flawless, so I’m CONSTANTLY researching and trying to learn about new base products. Here are the suggestions I gave my friend (she specifically asked for powder foundation recommendations) – verbatim from my email, but the email was sans photos:

A pressed one (talc free) –
100 percent pure
I’ve also heard good things about one by Honeybee Gardens, but I’m not a huge fan of the eye and lip pencils I’ve tried from them so hesitate to recommend the brand.
Three loose ones I’ve heard all raves about –
And not sure if you have any interest in liquid foundations but I’m dyyyying to try this – saw a huge rave over on No More Dirty Looks about it:

August Natural Beauty + Lifestyle Favorites Video

I just uploaded this yesterday, so maybe on your Labor Day off of work you can give it a watch! I talk about beauty products, a clothing item, a book, and some la musique (of course). Hope you enjoy!

New Adventures in Non-Toxic Hair Care: Wonder Seed

I have this one close girlfriend – more like a soul sister really – who I knew from college but we actually became close (through an extremely RANDOM encounter on makeupalley back in the day, actually) after college, over the past 8 years or so. Anyway. We share a PROFOUND love for makeup/skincare/beauty/etc. and have spent years discussing our favorites finds and new HG products. She’s recently been getting more into non-toxic beauty, and told me I must try out Wonder Seed’s shampoo and conditioner. Ordered both via Amazon (affordable, each were around $13 or $14) and it’s now sitting in my shower to try. This post isn’t a review, but expect one soon.

In other news – an August favorites video is coming soon! Lots of good stuff to share…and so many things I’m lusting. Constantly. It never ends.



Hair Talk

Ah, a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile. Switching over my hair care products to be more natural and nontoxic was one of the first things I did, because most conventional hair products – while effective – are NOT great for you. And considering our scalps are so porous, this seemed like a high priority item. I’ve come to find some brands I really like, and while they may not be AS good performance-wise as some of my old favorites, it’s a change I was glad to make. And there are more and more great brands surfacing every day – I’ll likely do an updated one of these in 6 months or so. Until then, xo!

Updated Night Out Makeup

Mes amis! I hadn’t filmed a Get Ready With Me in months, so I decided it was time to. I was off to one of my favorite nightclubs in Boston (that brings in lots of good house music acts), so I did my go-to look – a contoured mostly matte eye, more dramatic black liquid liner, and a bright lip. I used a mix of products I’ve used in past videos, as well as some new goodies that I’ve amassed. I hope you enjoy! See you guys soon. xo.

July 2014 Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites!

Yesss summer is passing! I’m very weird – I do not like July and August very much. My acupuncturist has told me she thinks this is because I have a very strong metal element in my constitution which aligns with the energy of fall/early winter, and that the energy is summer is very “adolescent,” much like our culture – hence the nearly unanimous celebration of the summer months. For me, it can’t go by fast enough! Get me to September. But, I’ll still try and enjoy every day, the little meditator I am :)

Two-Part Summer Skincare Video Series

Happy Sunday, my most favorite day of the week! Since I am hugely passionate about natural and organic skincare – as part of my broader obsession with natural and organic beauty products – I wanted to film my current morning and evening skincare routines. I have extremely dry and dehydrated skin, so I always aim to ameliorate this. My skin is markedly less dry in the summer, though it’s a persistent concern.

So this is just my daily routine, and doesn’t include any special treatments – like masks or facial steams – I do on a weekly or semi-monthly basis.

Enjoy Part I, the AM!

Easy Weekend Day Makeup

Hi natural beauties! I just uploaded another makeup look video to my YouTube channel, in case you’re interested. I gave my new Studio 78 concealer a whirl and man is it good. I’ve been using it all week and it provides excellent coverage, and melts into the skin really seamlessly. Very pleased with that splurge.

I’m going to try to start regularly uploading videos on Thursdays and Sundays, so if you’re into watching YouTube beauty videos, subscribe to my channel!


June 2014 Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

Ok, so I promise I’ll start posting more REAL blog posts in the future, not just posts about when I upload a new video to YouTube : / I’m just always overly optimistic and aspirational about the amount of time I have to devote to these endeavors. But, I did upgrade to a new camera (birthday gift!) so the quality of the video here should be significantly better. More to come!