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Updated Night Out Makeup

Mes amis! I hadn’t filmed a Get Ready With Me in months, so I decided it was time to. I was off to one of my favorite nightclubs in Boston (that brings in lots of good house music acts), so I did my go-to look – a contoured mostly matte eye, more dramatic black liquid liner, and a bright lip. I used a mix of products I’ve used in past videos, as well as some new goodies that I’ve amassed. I hope you enjoy! See you guys soon. xo.

Get Ready With Me #4: Physician’s Formula Nude Wear + Dior 999 Lipstick (mostly natural products)

I just posted another YouTube video where I showcase the Dior 999 lipstick I received for my birthday, and do a sort of first impression of the Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow concealer/highlighter. I also do some rambling about my stance on green versus conventional products, and just a warning – it’s largely an unsatisfying ramble! While I’m so obsessed with green beauty, I have issues with being militant and dichotomous about issues – instead preferring the 80/20 approach. Perhaps that perspective would be valuable to some? Still figuring this all out.

Two YouTube Videos in one week! Get Ready With Me #3

I finally sat down to thoroughly troubleshoot why I couldn’t get the latest video I recorded (over Memorial Day weekend…) off my iPhone, and FIGURED IT OUT! You know that sense of accomplishment when you get, when you finally solve something? I knew I didn’t want to lose the footage of this look, so I spent a good hour or to upload the footage. ANYWAY. Here it is! I used Tarte’s cream eyeshadow in Shimmering Bronze and did a bright orange-red lip, using MAC Lady Danger (just.can’t.give.my.dirty.lipsticks.up). Enjoy!