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Currently Lusting // Beauty + some other mid-week notables

may 18, 2016 | by: mercedes | filed under: videos, makeup


These kinds of wishlist videos are SO FUN for me to do, and you seem to really enjoy them too! They always generate a lot of amazing comments which are amazing to read – as I said to someone in a comment today, it’s like I can almost feel the energy of desire and nascent possibility reading other people’s wishlists! Yes, I am a weirdo :)

Catch the video over on YouTube, and leave me a comment letting me know what’s on your wishlist so I can feel the beauty lust vibes!

In other news, I’m going to work on two small additions to this site – creating an email subscription widget so you can be alerted every time I post on here (if you choose), and creating a “Daily Reads” sidebar. I’ve gotten back into regular blog reading as a product of being back in a relatively normative office environment. I’m drawing so much inspiration from them too! So I’d like to compile a list of those to share.

A few other mid-week things to share –

This lipstick technique is everything I aspire towards – effortless, undone, chic, alluring, yes

I dj’ed this track last Friday and remember what a personal AND crowd pleaser it is #doyouwantmebaby

This chocolate was a TREMENDOUS LET DOWN crying. Please don’t buy it, it’s gross.

And lastly, came home to THIS today! (if you don’t yet follow me in Instagram, I posted this earlier on there – so hop over and follow! It’s the only social media platform – in addition to YouTube – I regularly engage in. Facebook on a personal level to keep abreast of music events but that’s literally it).


Lusting Leggings

november 20, 2015 | by mercedes | filed under: fitness, style

I’m lusting new leggings for the gym in the most major way. I’ve been going more frequently (inner gym bro-ette UNLEASHED), and also watching an obscene amount of Nikki Blackketter on YouTube – so inspiration abounds! I have a couple of good pairs, but I really need 1-2 additional pairs that are *super* thick, not see-through when squatting, and provide nice compression on the muscles. Here’s a list of brands I’m perusing, with some pros/cons:

  1. Lululemon [Wunder Under Crops]

Pros: thick material, provide compression, durable, thick waistband, fun prints, know my size

Cons: less-than-ideal business ethics, tendency to pill, $$


2. Beyond Yoga [Walk and Talk Capri Legging, Salt and Pepper Take Me Higher Legging]

Pros: super high-waisted, durable, mesh detailing, made in the US

Cons: $$$, small selection, unsure of my size and potentially between sizes

beyond yoga 1

beyond yoga 2

3. Carbon 38 [I want like EVERYTHING but the B Fit Color Blocked Leggings immediately caught my eye]

Pros: multitude of styles and options, fun prints (many scream soul cycle…)

Cons: some pairs are like EXORBITANTLY expensive (for leggings) (WHY AM I IMMEDIATELY DRAWN TO THE PAIR THAT IS $420???)

carbon 38 1

carbon 38 2

*This is the $420 pair [above]

4. Fabletics [Salar Leggings, Fjord Legging]

Pros: extremely affordable, fun prints, high waistbands

Cons: unsure of quality/durability at price point, dislike celebrity brands/marketing

fabletics 1

fabletics 2

5. Gymshark [Form Compression Leggings, Flex Leggings]

Pros: affordable, leggings specifically for compression

Cons: small waistband (tends to be less flattering), unsure of quality/durability at price point

gymshark 2gymshark 1

6. Nike [Legendary Jacquard Training Tights, Epic Lux Running Crops]

Pros: variety in style and price point, high + thick waistbands

Cons: can be see-through, have heard negative reviews…so not the best word-of-mouth

nike 2

nike 1

What are your favorite leggings? Any brands I absolutely must put on my radar, given my needs and aesthetic preferences?