2017 Best in Beauty + Lifestyle, with Music Selections (Top 5 Tracks, Top 5 Albums)

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By now I’m sure many of you have had a chance to watch this (long!) video already, but I was delayed getting the music selections posted. Here they are! I chose the 5 tracks that were in my heaviest rotation, and 5 albums I fell in love with. As with the rest of my annual product favorites, these are not necessarily songs or albums that were released in 2017, but rather 2017 discoveries (and loves) for me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If you like any of them, please consider supporting the artists by purchasing their music. Here’s to another great year of crate digging and blissful sounds.

xoxo, mercedes

Top 5 Tracks of 2017:

  1. Cosima – WYD
  2. Lyle x Meilur – Paths
  3. Kendrick Lamar – FEEL
  4. Viken Arman – Feels the Winter (Original Mix)
  5. St. Germain – Sittin’ Here (Atjazz Remix)

Top 5 Albums/Mixes of 2017 (the first three are on iTunes, the 4th on Beatport, the mix on Soundcloud):

  1. Miles Davis – E.S.P [1965]
  2. Sade – Stronger Than Pride [1988]
  3. Erykah Badu Live [1997]
  4. Laurence Guy – Saw You For the First Time [2017]
  5. Melodie at Club Eden, Bucharest, 28 Jan 2017 https://soundcloud.com/melodiesound/at-club-eden-bucharest-28-jan-2017

October/November Favorites Playlist + Upcoming website changes

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I fell in love with some beautiful new music the past couple months! I highly recommend checking out the full albums these come off of, and supporting the artists by purchasing tracks you enjoy. I just selected some of my favorites for you to enjoy – this is a very relaxed playlist, perfect for a Sunday:

Ok and then website changes – basically no real details yet, just that it’s in the process of happening and I’m reconfiguring how I post and catalogue content, stay organized across the various platforms I produce under and manage. This whole managing an online endeavor has become so increasingly complicated! But it will get sorted out, and then I feel this space will become much more functional and with less repetition (just reposting videos and such). So I hope you’ll stay tuned!

xoxo, mercedes.

One Year of Beauty Heroes: A Retrospective Review (September 2016 – September 2017)

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Another year of Beauty Heroes boxes has passed by! Here are my thoughts looking back through all the boxes. I would love to hear from you in the comments! xoxo, mercedes.

Last year’s 2015 – 2016 Beauty Heroes Retrospective –

Hero Products available in the Beauty Heroes shop for 15% all the time for members –

Uma Hair Oil http://bit.ly/2ifAjdM

Bottega Organic Eye Cream (no longer available)

Josh Rosebrook Antioxidant Cacao Mask http://bit.ly/2yTDB0T

MUN Akwi http://bit.ly/2yWpF3I

Maya Chia Super Couple http://bit.ly/2iHMdBk

Osmia Night Body Oil http://bit.ly/2yX34nS

Innersense Hydrate collection http://bit.ly/2zOUIxL

LILFOX Jungle Glow http://bit.ly/2icVoFW
(My hero was LILFOX Cleopatra http://bit.ly/2yUHsrV)

Max + Me Circle of Protection http://bit.ly/2gTr4U3

Honua Aloha Serum and Honua Olena Oil http://bit.ly/2yVs3HW

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream http://bit.ly/2xxBMmv

Mahalo The Bean http://bit.ly/2zYzhuP

Skin Owl Maqui Berry Beauty Drops http://bit.ly/2idXS6L

Kahina Beldi soap http://bit.ly/2idgoMG

Shop Vapour http://bit.ly/2iH0cr1

Shop Au Naturale http://bit.ly/2hlJfiv

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A Mini Mercedes Shops // Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Credo

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Enough to make a quick beauty product video on this GORGEOUS autumn Sunday! Hope you all are enjoying your week-ends – see you very soon in another video. If you want more L’Amour, I have a 26 minute video on my holistic medicine cabinet/preventive wellness tips on Patreon. xoxo, mercedes

You can watch the video here :)

Products mentioned –
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage http://bit.ly/2gYxJJl
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask http://bit.ly/2yZPAdG
Trish McEvoy gel liner pencil http://bit.ly/2gZOjZA
Grown Alchemist eye cream http://bit.ly/2gAXxP8
Pai hand cream http://bit.ly/2xX1mFB

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Empty Skincare + What’s Nouveau In My Routine (Minimalist/Eco) | L’Amour et la Musique

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Time for a lengthy skincare chat! I culled my overflowing empty products bag for just the skincare to make this a skincare-centric empties, along with showing a few new skincare items that I’ve acquired in recent weeks. Would love to hear from you in the comments, and happy cozy fall Sunday. xoxo, mercedes

Watch on YouTube! 

Products mentioned –
Stark Aurora* https://www.starkskincare.com/products/grapefruit-cleanse-hydrate-balm
Max + Me Purity and Grace* http://bit.ly/2zbMIX1
Jordan Samuel Aftershow Balm cleanser https://jordansamuelskin.com/products/the-after-show-balm-cleanser
Wonder4Skin Italian balm (a gift from my lovely friend Miky!)
Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique oil cleanser https://www.marieveronique.com/collections/kristina-holey-marie-veronique-collaboration/products/pure-e-o-free-oil-cleanser
LILFOX Mystic Awakening mist http://bit.ly/2yn9v39
Amly mist http://bit.ly/2yq9YmW
Vered Herb Toner* http://bit.ly/2pOdLGn
Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Balancing HypoTonic https://www.marieveronique.com/collections/kristina-holey-marie-veronique-collaboration/products/balancing-hypotonic
Previse Nutrify Tonic* http://bit.ly/1YofDjG
Activist Custom Hyaluronic* http://bit.ly/2neESam
Jordan Samuel Hydrate https://jordansamuelskin.com/products/hydrate-serum
Jordan Samuel Etoile https://jordansamuelskin.com/products/etoile-facial-oil
Vered Anti-Aging Oil* http://www.veredbotanicals.com/Anti_Aging_Face_Treatment_Oil_p/aafto.htm
UMA Face Oil trial kit http://bit.ly/2kFA8sy
Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil (available on Vitacost)
Blum face wipes (available on Vitacost)
Honest Hazel Eye Gels https://www.beautyhabit.com/products/honest-hazel-revitalizing-eye-gels
Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream http://bit.ly/2lLTWP2
Max + Me Sweet Serenity Mask + Wash* http://bit.ly/2uux1JK
Mahalo The Bean* http://bit.ly/2yqmjaR
Mahalo Original Balm* http://bit.ly/2d4DEdE
Stark Eclipse* https://www.starkskincare.com/products/eclipse-activated-cleansing-gel

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September Favorites // (Eco)Beauty, New Yorker Article Recs, Astrology & Popovich on Race in America [+ Playlist]

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Really enthusiastic about all my favorites this month – so much is happening in the world and we need to be discussing! Lots of autumn love to all of you – bring on the bordeaux nails/lips, homeade soup, and warm drinks 4 days. You can watch the video on YouTube here! xoxo, mercedes.

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Products mentioned –


MUN Anarose toner* http://bit.ly/2fJjue5

Skin Owl Beauty Whip* http://bit.ly/2w2L7BG

LILFOX Cleopatra* http://bit.ly/2tVeO5P

CV Skinlabs Balm* http://bit.ly/2h8d1tK

Osmia Lip Repair* http://bit.ly/2x86VvE

AILA Nail Remover wipes https://loveaila.com/collections/removers-treatment

Gressa Obscur* http://bit.ly/2xIS53e

Kjaer Weis Radiance http://bit.ly/2xQhoQ0

Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in 034 http://bit.ly/2x6ijwV



New Yorker articles –

Back To The Garden https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/09/04/reality-tvs-wildest-disaster

How Civilization Started https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/09/18/the-case-against-civilization

Stephanie Nicole Interview with Kett Cosmetics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxeUS18rRyw&t=369s

Nightlight Astrology http://www.nightlightastrology.com

Gregg Popovich on Trump and Race in America: http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/news/gregg-popovich-on-trump-our-country-is-an-embarrassment-w505406?utm_source=email


Regarding music this month – I wasn’t in much of a digging mood, or rather I just didn’t have time to dig. I was mostly listening to live Ron Carter performances during the work days, and some Blue Six and early Miguel Migs mixes on YouTube as well (it’s so annoying when ads play in the middle of long sets! please no ad interruptions!). Ok so for this month, I thought of a genre I really haven’t shared much with you, but I went through a HUGE phase with from around 2007 through 2011 or so. Indie electronica! I was avidly scouring Hype Machine and a blog called Et Musique Pour Tous (the tagline was “space age bachelor pad music” lmao), and was obsessed with groups like Passion Pit, Phoenix, Classixx, Friendly Fires, Ladyhawke, O’Spada, Dragonette, Datasette, Aeroplane, Aanorak, and on and on and on. I dug through one of my old playlists of this kind of thing and put a list together of some of my old favorites – this selection is pretty laid back and chilled out (you know how I DO). Listening to these tracks brings back SO many happy memories for me! I hope you enjoy <3

A Video Marathon! | Collab deux with Hitchcock Madrona, Beauty Heroes x Gressa Review AND Demo

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I didn’t have time to post my Sunday upload on here and THEN I hustled like a boss to get up not one but TWO videos on the just released third Beauty Heroes elective makeup discovery box featuring Gressa. So, in the spirit of making sure all my YouTube content is catalogued on here for future searching – here are my recent videos! Patreon is coming along too, and I couldn’t be more grateful. There’s a weekly Instagram story round up video, I’ll be posting a bonus Whole Foods haul for all Patrons on there this week, and next week will be the poll for October’s aux urnes Patrons <3

Links to watch the videos –

Hidden Gems: Our Picks for Most Underrated Beauty Products | Hitchcock Madrona x L’Amour

Beauty Heroes x Gressa // Minimalist Luxury [ Box Review ] | L’Amour et la Musique

Beauty Heroes x Gressa Makeup Discovery Demo/Application | L’Amour et la Musique


Additional information and links pertaining to each video –

Hidden Gems: Our Picks for Most Underrated Beauty Products | Hitchcock Madrona x L’Amour

A second collaborative video with Erica from Hitchcock Madrona – hoping you enjoy hearing about our respective picks for the beauty industry/community’s hidden gems! Please make sure to hop over to Erica’s channel to hear what her selections are:

To watch our Fashion Personality collaboration –

Erica’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7CmCexslZo&t=3s

My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lfGtytv4dk&t=25s

Products mentioned –

Arcona Eye Dew http://bit.ly/2wPozUR

Pai hand cream http://bit.ly/2fpMIyq

JMO hair pomade http://bit.ly/2ylwMkA

Tarte corrector http://bit.ly/2xxI8Vb

Makeup Forever brush http://bit.ly/2jTBSSX

Trish McEvoy liner http://bit.ly/2yyW2F4

Jane Iredale berry http://bit.ly/2vRg4MN


Beauty Heroes x Gressa // Minimalist Luxury [ Box Review ] | L’Amour et la Musique

(*same information for demo video)

You don’t normally see me on Monday but Beauty Heroes Makeup Discoveries call for bonus content! I hope you find this review helpful, and don’t forget to check out the demo video I did as well, so you can see these products in action. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, xoxo, mercedes.

**All the links you need**

To purchase this box (available to everyone for $45, members save 15%) –


To subscribe to Beauty Heroes (you can still get the September Skin Owl box) –


In the Beauty Heroes online shop (members always enjoy 15% off all orders) –

To shop the rest of Gressa’s collection on Beauty Heroes –


To give a Beauty Heroes Gift Subscription:


To learn more about Beauty Heroes as an eco-beauty subscription box service, here is a playlist of all my past Beauty Heroes reviews –



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GRWM // Vapour Foundation, Dramatic Lashes, Italian Lipstick

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I thought I would film myself doing more glam/night out makeup than you normally see. It’s not terribly different from I guess what is my signature look (some version of black winged liner and a bright or bold lipstick), but it’s amped up by the addition of individual lashes, perfected illuminated skin, and crisp bright red lipstick application.

You can see I kept color on the face to a minimum, which I find is key for me. I’m quite happy with the Vapour foundation so far, it’s dewy and should be perfect as we move into fall and winter in the northern hemisphere. Mille grazi to my friend Miky, who sent this beautiful lipstick my way from the Italian brand Nouveau Cosmetics which she carries in her eco beauty boutique in Tuscany.

You can watch the video over on YouTube :) I also just posted this past week’s Instagram stories (September 9 – September 16th) to my amazing L’Amour Patrons. I had a bit of a cray week including cross-country travel, so it’s all captured there. OH and you guys we’re so close to my second Patreon goal, which means I’m so close to investing in a new vlogging camera (already have one picked out!) which will mean more vlogs on YouTube until we hit the third Patreon goal which means I commit to two vlogs every month IN ADDITION to all my regular content. In other words, the vlogs won’t replace anything I’m already publishing, it will be added to the L’Amour suite. So if you’d like to be part of growing L’Amour and gaining access to some extra content – you can head over to my homepage there and scope it out :)




Products used –


Vered herb-infused toner http://bit.ly/2pOdLGn

Tammy Fender eye cream http://bit.ly/2oob2nf

Skin Owl Beauty Whip http://bit.ly/2w2L7BG

Skin Owl Maqui Beauty Drops http://bit.ly/2cV0win

Josh Rosebrook SPF http://bit.ly/2lLTWP2

CV Skinlabs balm http://bit.ly/2h8d1tK



Vapour primer http://bit.ly/2gZcRnl

Vapour Foundation stick in 110 http://bit.ly/2gVFb7r

Becca Aqua Luminous Concealer in Light http://bit.ly/2jBIuFv

Antonym powder in Light http://bit.ly/2jBzjF0

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Medium Brown http://bit.ly/2wnjjwa

Glossier Boy Brow in Black https://www.glossier.com/products/boy-brow

Surratt Autographique liquid liner http://bit.ly/2xrAOuQ

Au Naturale eye pencil in Coco http://bit.ly/2wzg2VM

Dior palette 764 Fairy Golds (I believe this was LE)

Antonym eye pencil in Noir http://bit.ly/2w2EBew

Surratt lash curlers http://bit.ly/2fbY8Wz

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes http://bit.ly/2xr3xzC

Too Faced Better Than Sex http://bit.ly/2xrAqwo

W3LL People Bio Bronzer http://bit.ly/2i2Ury8

W3LL People Bio Brightener http://bit.ly/2onGule

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Trio http://bit.ly/2x6MNxP

Ardell individual lashes (I used the glue from some Eyelure lashes I had)

MAC Cherry lip liner http://bit.ly/2jB7Tiu

Nouveau lipstick in Pomgranade http://www.nouveau-cosmetics.com/en_GB


(Nails are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark)


Music –

Matt Tolfrey: Encarta (DJ Sprinkles Micro Soft Dub)

How I fell in love with house music

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I have wanted to share my music narrative with you for literally years – since the inception of this blog and my YouTube channel. I hope you come away with a deeper understanding of why I named this endeavor L’Amour et la Musique, and I would love to hear any of your thoughts and musings on music’s place in your life, house music/culture, or how you experience vibrational bliss. You can watch this video here. xoxo, mercedes.

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September Beauty Heroes // SKIN OWL Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry + Beauty Whip

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Today on YouTube, my comprehensive review of the September Beauty Heroes box featuring the Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry and the Beauty Whip as the sidekick. The whip also features the supercharged fruit antioxidant, maquis berry – in powdered form, along with other skin-calming ingredients like hyaluronic, evening primrose,  and rosehip. While we’ll all miss the Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops dearly, there’s a really compelling production ethics story from Skin Owl founder/formulator Annie Tevelin that’s worth listening to. 

In other updates, I continue to be so, SO thankful for your support on Patreon. I uploaded a strung-together video of a week’s worth of Instagram stories for all Patrons today, and the aux urnes Patrons just voted on the exclusive video they’d like to see this month. It’s going to be a Bullet Journal spread/preview video. Later this fall I’m going to do a video for YouTube on my thoughts after a full year of Bullet Journaling, but will be largely conceptual and reflective. This video for Patrons will be more visual, more casual, and more process-oriented. So if you’re so inclined, come join!

Lastly, I donated 10% of my first month of Patreon pledges to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts – I split the fund between the Houston Food Bank and the Houston SPCA. Everyone affected continues to be in my thoughts <3



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In the Beauty Heroes online shop (members always enjoy 15% off all orders) –

To shop the rest of Skin Owl’s collection on Beauty Heroes –

To give a Beauty Heroes Gift Subscription:

To learn more about Beauty Heroes as an eco-beauty subscription box service, here is a playlist of all my past Beauty Heroes reviews –