About L’Amour et La Musique

L’amour et la Musique stems from originally filling out Facebook’s “Religious Views” section (remember that?) with “love and beats” many years ago. Love, because I believe in an expansive and all-encompassing definition of it, and beats, because I have been profoundly consumed with and influenced by deep house music for over a decade. After a trip to Europe around 2010 I became obsessed with all things French, and l’amour et la musique (the closest translation to love and beats) became my new social media moniker. While it doesn’t signal “beauty” outright, it means something very beautiful to me.

I began making videos on Youtube as a way to virtually connect with other  eco-beauty/lifestyle enthusiasts, to share my knowledge of and passion for self-care and beauty rituals, and to support a small but rapidly growing niche of green beauty brands. L’amour et la Musique was the natural choice for naming my channel, which comprises videos ranging from product reviews and in-depth discussions of brands, to makeup tutorials demonstrating products, to videos about alternative health topics like acupuncture, detoxing protocols, and energy healing. A researcher at heart, I strive to provide articulate, thoughtful, and above all honest reviews of products use.


About Mercedes

I’m Mercedes, and I’ve been making videos on YouTube about eco-beauty and alternative health and lifestyle since 2014. I always describe myself as a bifurcated person—in my “real” life I hold a Ph.D. in Sociology and work as a researcher at an academic medical center in Boston. And yet, I have been on a lifelong quest for discovering, curating, refining, articulating, and presenting an evolving vision of beauty.

Beauty, as a concept, has many facets for me – it includes of course the immense enjoyment and discussion around beautiful skincare and makeup that you’re used to seeing on YouTube, but expands into music (how I first learned what something divine could *feel* like, in an expansive vibrational sense), aesthetics and design, critical social theory, esoterica and mysticism, among other topics.

The L’Amour brand is one of integrity. Mercedes shares her knowledge and experience with everything from beauty products and health and wellness, to astrology and her love of la musique, with equal amounts of  detail and consideration. She knows what she likes, and what she doesn’t, and her videos are detailed, well-researched and full of respect for her subject-matter… she is honest and discerning so as to never steer her audience wrong.
– Jess, Founder and CEO of Stark Skincare



Discovering new products is one of my favorite aspects of my L’Amour work, and am always happy to review new products that are in line with the focus and ethics of my site. I review all PR product samples candidly, and while I can’t promise I’ll love what you send my way, I can promise to be honest in my assessments. The L’Amour community expects this level of transparency because they know when I rave about a product it’s REALLY good… cleanly formulated, beautifully packaged, and thoughtfully produced. When I review your product I’ll include my own photography of it, and tag you on my social channels. If you’re not sure whether the product you want to share with me is appropriate, please reach out to me directly at lamouretlamusique@gmail.com and I’ll let you know if I think it’s a good fit.

I’m also available to work directly with your brand in a consulting capacity, providing advice, guidance and context for developing new products or social content. To discuss my approach and fees, please contact me directly at lamouretlamusique@gmail.com.

Being engaged with the L’Amour community has helped me become more mindful in the way I curate all parts of my daily life. Mercedes’ recommendations are always on point, and her reviews so thorough that I can make an informed and educated decision about what I bring into my life and space.
– Lauren, PhD Student & Longtime L’Amour Viewer



In Fall 2017 I joined Patreon to grow my L’Amour et La Musique offerings. I hope you’ll consider supporting me there so I can continue to create the type of content you’re familiar with, as well as expanding into new content areas many of you have asked for. This will include more lifestyle-centric videos (vlogs, everyday conscious living, nutrition and other daily health practices), and videos in which I bring a more explicitly sociological perspective to a range of topics (consumption, materialism, capitalism, the science versus spirituality divide, gender politics in the beauty space, and class-based commentary on health seeking/wellness, among others). Your support will also allow me to invest in new equipment and software to continue refining the content I produce, as well as allow me to explore new formats and platforms. A few possibilities include a revamped and easier to use website, a podcast, downloadable lectures, articles, and live dj mixes (yes, I dj too!).

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